The Weeknd presents the NFT collection as part of a European tour

MADRID.- Successful world tour Weekend After work until dawn kicked off its European leg with a great show in Madrid and dedicated fans who not only enjoy the show but will be able to extend the experience beyond the concert by adding Web3 technology and exclusive NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to the tour for the occasion, hand in hand with Binance.

This new dimension offers an interactive experience in a virtual metaverse where treasure hunting will unlock new levels, stages and benefits. Fans can also decide puzzle, where completed trials open up a chance to win merchandising exclusive or tickets to future The Weeknd concerts.

In addition, users who hold tickets to the world tour will have access to souvenir NFTs, which can later unlock access to merchandising autographs and exclusive experiences for VIP guests.

These unique NFTs serve as digital souvenirs, bringing the age-old tradition of storing ticket stubs to the Web3 world.

For The Weeknd fans who can’t make it to the concert, Binance will also offer an exclusive NFT collection for The Weeknd tour, available to all users later this year. The collection will include illustrations created in collaboration with The Weeknd and will provide access to a number of exciting benefits for users.

“Our collaboration with The Weeknd has provided an incredible platform on which we can show how Web3 can create stronger bonds between artists and their fans,” explains Rachel Conlan, VP of Global Marketing at Binance.

“It has been exciting to work with the team at The Weeknd to push the boundaries of entertainment for fans,” he said.

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