The woman who stole Lady Gaga’s dogs and then returned them sues the singer for not keeping her word

Two years have passed since Lady Gaga got one of the biggest scares of her life when her dog’s caretaker was robbed by two men while walking Koji and Gustavo (two French bulldogs) through the streets of the West Hollywood neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, United States.

The assailants even shot the caretaker in the chest, thus taking Gaga’s pets. When police arrived at the scene, the dog handler was found conscious but barely breathing. ryan fisher he was immediately taken to the hospital and luckily he recovered from the injury caused by the bullet.

The singer was very affected and came to offer a whopping reward of $ 500,000 to the person who returned her dogs without “any questions.”

At the moment the state in which it is located is unknown. Meanwhile, the singer is “tremendously shaken” according to sources at TMZ and has offered $500,000 “without any questions” to the person who took Koji and Gustavoher two French bulldogs who have appeared numerous times on her social networks.

Just a few days later, Lady Gaga recovered her two bulldogs unharmed. Los Angeles police wrote on Twitter that a woman took the two stolen bulldogs to a police station from the Californian city. “The woman found the dogs and contacted Lady Gaga’s team to return them,” authorities said. This woman was Jennifer McBride and she was ultimately sentenced to two years probation for being part of the theft of the animals.

according to account buzzfeed, the woman claims she never received the $500,000 reward the pop star offered to anyone who returned the animals at the time of the theft. In the lawsuit, the woman accuses Lady Gaga of fraud “by making a promise without intending to keep it.”

The document also alleges that Jennifer faced compensatory damages, pain, suffering, mental anguish, and loss of the will to live for not receiving the reward. So far, the singer has not commented on the matter.

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