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The Argentine Camila Morrone is the daughter of a couple of models who went to try their luck in the United States and more than succeeded. In this way, the heiress grew up, was educated abroad and wanted to follow the path of acting, like her parents, who tried their luck in this profession. Currently, the woman is recently separated from her ex-boyfriend, the heartthrob Leo DiCaprio, who quickly returned to the ring once he was single. Recently, she revealed the details of the separation from her. She also talked about her new life and her childhood, which she remembers with much love.

It is worth mentioning that the actress was 20 years old when she fell in love with DiCaprio and started dating him, who had just turned 43. They spent five years together. However, after living together, they decided to separate. The love had been supported by the girl’s parents. In relation to those years, she recalled in the interview: “I could never have a base anywhere or a solid and consistent group of friends. That was hard for me.” On the breakup, she outlined: “I have never learned as much as at 25 years old. I start to feel like a woman, but I also feel small in many ways.”

He is currently working on Daisy Jones and the six: “With any character I play I try to contribute what I know from my real life. That’s the main thing I learned in acting class.” Throughout the interview that she gave in order to promote her new production where she is the protagonist, she avoided giving names or referring to a possibility of reconciliation.

Now she is devoted to acting; And her modeling career, although it is still valid, has been put aside because she prioritized the path that her mother, the Argentine Lucila Polak, also chose, who knew how to date Al Pacino for many years and built a blended family that traveled the entire world. . This marriage also came to an end a few months ago, and each went their separate ways after dividing their assets. Let’s remember that Leo DiCaprio, after the separation, had other partners, such as the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, called Victoria; and Gigi Hadid on another occasion. He was always seen in fashionable places with them. On the other hand, he also devoted himself to production and put on hold the performances that he had on his agenda, but he had not yet taken over. What’s more, he declared that he will follow in the footsteps of his friend Brad Pitt, because he wants to take other directions in his career.

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