The X-Files: The incredible change of Gillian Anderson in comedy of Angelina Jolie

Gillian Anderson had the opportunity of a lifetime when she was cast as agent Dana Scully on Fox’s sci-fi series The X-Files in 1993. But her participation in this production didn’t stop her from exploring other roles, such as the as Meredith in Angelina Jolie’s romantic comedy, “Playing with Heart.”

If there is a series that has defined American and world television in the 90s, that was it. The X-Filesthe screenwriter’s debut feature Chris Martinand that launched the actors to world fame Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) and David Duchovny (Fox Mulder)one of the most emblematic couples in front of the cameras.

With 11 seasons and two films, The X-Files It was on the air for 25 consecutive years, becoming one of the longest science fiction productions on the small screen, and it gained a veritable army of followers that still remains today. The X-Files follow in the footsteps of the agent couple Mulder and Scullywho are in charge of the investigation of the so-called X Files, a compilation of unresolved files both by the fbi as by other government agencies and that have to do with all kinds of paranormal events.

From ghosts, psychic phenomena, mutations, to alien abductions, secret experiments and a vast American government conspiracy to cover it up, The X-Files it has everything, even a couple of chapters dedicated to regular crimes, but always under the shadow of something mysterious, hidden and super secret.

A curious fact about The X-Filesis that many of the outdoor locations where it was filmed, are located in the forests of Canada, because these territories, with their cold, cloudy and eventually foggy weather, perfectly matched the murky and mysterious sense of the series. , which came to be nominated more than 140 times in almost all film and television agencies.

Gillian Anderson changes her look to go to the romantic comedy with Angelina Jolie

Gillian Anderson on the cover of a VHS edition of “Playing with Heart” from 1998.

In 1998, the same year in which The X-Files premiered his first film, The X-Files: Fight the Future, gillian anderson appeared as the protagonist of one of the most talked about Hollywood romantic comedies: playing with my heartstarring Angelina Jolie (Joan) and Sean Connery (Paul)which tells the story of several adults who live in interconnected apartments in the city of Los Angeles and who seek only one thing to complement their lives: love.

In the film, we see gillian anderson In the role of Meredith, a single by vocation totally dedicated to her work. In Playing with the heart, we can see gillian anderson with hair with soft curls, very different from her straight hair and without much grace of The X-Filesand of course without Mulder.

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