their first images leaked in Joker 2

In 2019, the premiere of the film Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, caused a furor: it obtained 12 Oscar nominations, a statuette for its protagonist as Best Actor and a collection of one billion dollars. So it was logical to assume that he fantasized about making another movie, in this case a sequel.

Joker: madness of twois the movie that is shooting Joaquin Phoenix, along with the talented Lady Gaga, who will put himself in the shoes of Harley Quinn, the right hand of the criminal. The direction is in charge of Todd Phillips, as in the first installment.

The movie that surrounds the Batman universe will hit theaters in October 2024, but fans are waiting and they were the ones who took the first pictures of the filming that takes place in Los Angeles, California.

The director clarified that it will not be a musical, although with Lady Gaga on the team there will be scenes with music. But the idea of ​​the film is that it be as dark as the previous one, despite the fact that along with the praise it also had to receive criticism since the protagonist ends up becoming an idol for those most vulnerable who live in Gotham City.

Images of the talented Lady Gaga are filtered during filming

It was on February 14, on Valentine’s Day, when Phillips shared a photo of this couple that will make people talk. Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck and Lady Gaga as Harleen Quinzelthe psychiatrist who ends up falling in love with Joker and becomes his partner.

Other actors who have also joined the cast in this new installment are Brendan Gleeson; two-time Oscar nominee Catherine Keener; and Harry Lawley, known for participating in the HBO series Industry.

Phillips, the filmmaker behind the first installment, returned to the director’s chair with a script he co-wrote with Scott Silver.

Before this sequel hits theaters, you can enjoy Joker, which is available through HBO Max and Prime Video.

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