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The couple got married in 2018 amid controversy, because just a couple of months after ending his long relationship with Selena Gomez, the singer announced his commitment to the model, what’s behind this wedding? Why did Justin Bieber marry Hailey Baldwin?

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Why did Justin Bieber marry Hailey Baldwin?

After the sudden engagement of the couple, many fans have speculated that Justin would have married Hailey out of pure interest, and not out of love, some even claim that there is a song that proves the theory.

Justin is originally from Canada but works and resides in the United States, something for which he needed permission and to apply for a Visa to continue in the country.

However, his problems with the law jeopardized the renewal of his Green Card. In 2014 he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and had had a strong lawsuit with one of his neighbors.

For this reason, the people who work with him would have been pressuring him to marry an American woman, in order to fix his situation.

Justin Bieber proposed to Selena Gomez

According to immigration rules, a marital residence allows the person to work and remain in the country as a US citizen.

It is said that Justin’s first choice to carry out the plan was Selena Gomez, but she rejected his proposal, feeling that she was too young for marriage.

It was when the Canadian ended his relationship with the singer and decided to formalize his relationship with Hailey, leaving everyone speechless, including his ex-girlfriend.

The song to trust the theory

Although Hailey and Justin have shown themselves to be a stable couple, and the same singer has assured that the model has given him the stability he needs, fans continue to doubt their love.

For them, the Drake and DJ Khaled song ‘Popstar’ would be the proof. Justin stars in the video and says the phrase: “Look, Ariana and Selena, my visa.”

Fans believe that by saying “my visa”, he is referring to Hailey. Many believe that Hailey’s father would have given Justin money to marry his daughter, and that in September of this year they will turn 5 and end their marriage.

Some others are convinced that the theory is crazy, because with Justin’s fame, he would not need an arranged marriage to get residence in the country.

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