These are 5 great hits from 2006 in Mexico

Let’s go with the 2006 hits in Mexico. Although you remember, the year in turn has been one of the most controversial in recent times in national politics. The reason? The elections that led to Felipe Calderon Hinojosa to become the next president of our country.

Much was said about a fraud that would have prevented Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) will come to occupy the Executive. In view of the results, the politician chose to carry out seedlingssupported by his followers, and for leading a left-wing government, parallel to the official one.

In February a tragedy took place that would go down in history as the Pasta de Conchos mining disaster. An explosion due to the accumulation of gases collapsed several tunnels of the coal mine located in the state of Coahuila, Mexico. Of the 65 miners who were trapped none came out alive.

This was a World Cup year. On that occasion, the FIFA World Cup was held in Germany. The host country came in third, and Italy won the tournament, taking their fourth title. Mexico, on the other hand, came out in the round of 16after facing their counterpart from Argentina in an intense match that made us dream a little.

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although officially Facebook exists since the 2004Let’s remember that this social network began as the exclusive use of some educational institutions. It was until the 2006 that the creators, due to the high demand for this service, allowed anyone with an email to sign up. This is how the story began of what until now remains the strongest social network of the genre.

The time has come: let’s hear what 2006 hits they broke it in Mexico. to give it

5 greatest hits of 2006 in Mexico

“I’m dying” / The Fifth Station

“Everything changed” / Camila

“Let da Music”/ I want Club

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“Smile”/ Lily Allen

“Sexy Back”/ Justin Timberlake

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