These are other countries where its consumption is legal

During the last years, cannabis and its derivatives have witnessed gradual regulation in many parts of the world. More and more countries allow medicinal use this plant for the treatment of various conditions, and many even relax their laws regarding recreational consumption this. For example, Germany was the last country to legalize cannabis with the stipulation that consumption is for adults only and cultivation is limited to three plants per person.

The first country to open its doors to marijuana was Uruguay. In 2013, the Uruguayan state legalized its consumption for recreational and medicinal purposes, and also took control of the production, commercialization and distribution of cannabis in order to curb drug trafficking and improve public health. According to the law, citizens can grow cannabis on their own or buy maximum 40 grams per month on authorized sites. On the other hand, possession of up to 25 grams is allowed in Germany if you are over 18, and marijuana cultivation is restricted. Mediterranean island in European territory malt it was the first country in the EU to legalize the cultivation and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes in 2021.

IN Canada It is also approved for medical and recreational use, as well as for all cannabis-derived products. since 2018 (The one used for medical purposes has been allowed since 2001). For example, an adult foreigner may use the specified substance, as long as he does not take it outside the Canadian border. USAfor its part, legalizes the use of marijuana in twenty one state. New York, Virginia, New Mexico and Connecticut were the latest to pass plant legalization bills in 2021 after recreational cannabis was legalized in Arizona, New Jersey and Montana in 2020.

Until 2021, Mexico It considered only the medicinal use of said plant, which has been allowed since 2017. In 2021, recreational consumption was decriminalized, but not its commercialization. It is forbidden to smoke in public places in the country, in the presence of minors, and also if it affects third parties. Also, they haven’t been awarded yet. permits for own consumptionTherefore, for many, Mexico is in legislative limbo with cannabis.

Despite popular belief that cannabis is legal in Netherlands, This is not entirely true. It’s only decriminalized, but still illegal. It is forbidden to own, sell or produce it; however, some ‘coffee houses’ they are authorized to do so under certain conditions. These establishments can only sell small quantities (five grams per customer) and cannot stock more than 500 grams at a time. They are also not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages and are not allowed to consume them internally.

South Africa This is another country where marijuana has been legalized. As of 2018, adults can own, grow or consume cannabis privately. However, buying, selling and consuming in public places is illegal.

Countries where medical marijuana is legal but not for recreational use

New Zealand

As of 2018, the use of medical cannabis in prescription patients due to medical conditions that require its use or is beneficial for pain relief has become legal.


In 2016, an amendment to the Narcotics Act 1967 was passed to regulate access to state-controlled medical marijuana in every federal state of Australia. However, in September 2019, the country’s capital (Canberra) passed a law allowing the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. A norm that is contrary to state regulations prohibiting this type of consumption.

Czech Republic

A European country passed a law in 2012 regulating the dispensing of marijuana-derived products to patients with medical conditions requiring such treatment. The state is responsible for managing cultivation, purchasing and distribution. It is usually prescribed to patients with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or cancer. On the other hand, own cultivation is limited to five plants per house.


Its parliament approved in 2015 the decriminalization of cultivation for personal consumption and for medical purposes. Up to a maximum of six plants per house. Medicinal products derived from cannabis are also permitted.


Since 2007, medical cannabis can be used by prescription. And in 2018, a law was passed that allows them to export medical marijuana products and plants. Today Israel is one of the largest industries.


In December 2018, the parliament of the Asian country approved the regulation of the import, export and production of therapeutic marijuana. Always enforceable, this law has made Thailand the leading country in cannabis regulation in all of Asia.


Since 2013, Italy has had a law creating a Cannabis State Authority and allowing medicinal use for patients with a prescription or authorization. Realizing that it is very expensive to import this material, the government decided to start growing it on Italian soil.

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