These are the artist albums with the most streams on Spotify.

Dua Lipa at the European premiere of “Barbie” in London (REUTERS / Maja Smiejkowska)

The opportunistic form of musical consumption has completely changed the parameters that determine success from failure. At least that’s how it goes in the universe main streambelonging hits temporal and genres that refuse to follow the rules (or therefore the test) of the passage of time. He reggaeton gave way run lying downMexican musical genre that was most successfully expressed in the young A light weightand female artists such as Shakira they turned a broken heart into a billing machine.

Between playlistssphere hyperlocal all kinds of genres and artists that in the past did not reach the radio frequencies of the Seat family, the end of phenomena such as the summer song and the distribution of weekly news, the consumption of records, EPs and LPs is no longer reduced to a weekly visit to the music temple, which received those vinyl records that were sold only in the United States.

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platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music They have turned music into an ubiquitous entity as they travel everywhere with their phones. Now you can listen to the whole album in the supermarket, at home, in the mall, on the plane, in the car, on the bus or on the train.

Massive and persistent consumption has led to detailed eavesdropping hypervigilance, whether in thousands, millions, or billions. Consequently, new ratings are not dictated by music critics or the public, but by a numerical equation fed by the application’s algorithm.

In an endless amount of statistics analyzing the success of a piece of music, there is a pattern that surpasses all others, especially since it included only a few performers. It’s about Records that surpassed 10 billion listeners on Spotifya historical and theatrical brand that few appreciate in their recording program.

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Dua Lipa in a promotional image for her album Future Nostalgia.

Only nine albums have reached this figure, and only two women have made the list. Near Dua Lipa And Olivia Rodrigo. The British Kosovo Albanian was until recently the only woman to have not one but two of her studio albums surpass 10 billion listeners. This is his first album Dua Lipa (2017)and his second Nostalgia for the Future (2020). It was her latest project that propelled her to the pinnacle of pop music and success, especially with singles like levitating, Don’t start now, Physical or break my heart.

Until a week ago, Dua Lipa was the only woman to reach this milestone – in addition to only doing so with two music projects she launched, which adds to the feat. Olivia Rodrigo joined the club with his album SOUR (2021)the undeniable success of pop music, which made it one of the promises of the moment (including songs such as good 4 you, deja vu or driver’s license).

The cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s first album Sour.

Both are on the cusp of releasing new music. British with her third studio album, about which little is known to date; 20 year old American with a run GUTShis second album, September 8, and in which he has already made a breakthrough with a vampire, his first single. Both are the only female artists to have surpassed 10 billion listeners on Spotify. Three out of nine albums they dominate Weekend, bad rabbit or Post Malone.

Here are the only albums that have appealed to a large number of listeners (and how many days it took to reach the historic figure):

  1. summer without you (2022, Bad Bunny): 222 days
  2. SOUR (2021, Olivia Rodrigo): 788 days
  3. Nostalgia for the future (2020, Dua Lipa): 1054 days
  4. Hollywood bleeding (2019, Post Malone): 1155 days
  5. during non-working hours (2020, The Weeknd): 1164 days
  6. divide (2017, Ed Sheeran): 1422 days
  7. Dua Lipa (2017, Dua Lipa): 1442 days
  8. beer bongs and bentleys (2018, Post Malone): 1534 days
  9. star boy (2016, The Weeknd): 2340 days
Album covers that have surpassed 10 billion plays on Spotify

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