These are the best wellness apps of 2023.

From fitness to women’s health, the world of apps has opened up many opportunities for measuring health. The study shows which ones were successful.

Who doesn’t have smart watch or bracelet for sports What motivates you to get up at the office every hour, get more sleep, or take 10,000 steps a day? Technology and physical activity are increasingly going hand in hand, not only on mobile devices, but also in the sports centers themselves, including games to rooms where there is healthy contention between users to see who burning hit the bag more or hard.

There is a definite obsession with measuring all kinds of data, from the calories we eat to the calories we expend during a workout, things like women’s periods or fast rest hours that really rejuvenate. No wonder the consulting company Allied Market Research (AMR) predicts that 2030 global application market fitness will reach 120.370 million US dollars, about 111.470 million euros, thanks to strong demand and acceptance smart devices.

Already in the 2021 report, 42% of respondents answered adcolonia who used a health app every day, and 57% said smartphones are important while exercising. Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus lockdown marked its arrival in 2020, with us all working out at home thanks to virtual trainers or Instagram or Zoom connections with exercise professionals.

And while there are various factors such as technical issues, high cost of purchases, and data security that may limit the growth of the market, according to the aforementioned AMR study, it is expected that expandability as a result of “technological advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and the rise in the prevalence of diseases such as hypertension.” In fact, at ZEN, we’ve already tried ChatGPT to program a metabolic workout for this non-gym vacation, and it didn’t do anything wrong, although it can never replace a flesh-and-blood pro.


Mindfulness nutrition and relaxation apps are the most popular downloads.

Not surprisingly, one of the critics medical workers to the one, that obsession by constantly measuring health parameters, they can disconnect us from our inner sensations. It cannot be an app that tells us what and how much to eat,” Marcos Vazquez, creator of Revolutionary Fitness, answered this question. “Measurements provide information that can help us understand and correct habits without being misleading. shutdown risk subjective feelings.

With this current thinking and thinking about returning to commitment, they can be a way for us to motivate. Feeling lost and not knowing which ones to install, the Tipalti team, a financial technology company from software accounting, analyzed various wellness apps, from fitness to women’s health, discover which ones are the most downloaded and profitable. The following is the result of his careful study.


Tops the list of health apps with higher earnings, with 10 million dollars (about 9.26 million euros). MyFitnessPal is a nutrition app that simply counts calories. It was launched worldwide in 2009 and is currently most commonly used in the UK, Canada and the US.

The application allows users to track your progress to achieve various goals, including fitness, i.e. maintaining physical fitness, weight loss/gain, water intake and nutrition every day. In addition to being able to count calories from over 14 million different foods, users have access to over 500 recipes and 50 workouts. It even has a paid premium version that allows you to work deeper, as if it were a “digital nutritionist”.

This is a very interesting application that even counts the calories that an adult man and woman spend due to NEAT (physical activity that is not physical exercise and caused by the very fact of life), but if you do this, for example, CrossFit these minutes are subtracted learning. Their food search is certainly very accurate because they can be found by barcode and added by portion/serving.

Positive? That life is measured not only in calories, macronutrients they are more important in the global calculation, and the application helps to get an idea of ​​this: what are carbohydrates, what are proteins, if you are going to use one or the other… Negative? It’s that you become obsessed with counting calories and the hassle of saving data every day, like it’s a duty or just another burden on a long list.


This application number one for sleep and meditation, although he ranks second in this ranking with an income of over six million dollars (five and five million euros, approximately). As the name suggests, the Calm app offers users various features that help sleep and relaxincluding mindfulness and breathing exercises, mindfulness programs and soundscapes.

Users can also access Tales for sleep with celebrities such as Harry Styles, Dame Mary Berry, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Winslet and Cillian Murphy and this is perhaps one of the biggest strengths. In fact, this app has inspired many Hispanic people. Millions of people They use it daily to calm stress and anxiety.


This position has technical draw, with an income of five million dollars (about 4.63 million euros). But they have nothing to do with each other. Flo Period Tracker is an ovulation calendar that allows you to control days of menstruation, pregnancy and how the body finds itself in each of the phases, from mood to sexual activity and even energy for physical activity. For women, this is very interesting, but, again, without obsessions: you never have to stop listening to your body, and even if you don’t feel like exercising sometimes, then you can feel much better. In this study, it also received an overall score of 8.14 out of 10, which is the most valuable.

From my side, Strava it’s like a big facebook or Instagram, but sports, where users upload their videos and photos of physical activity. Many users share their itineraries, inspire others to move, or show off their proud records, causing them to seek revenge. It was first released in 2011 and is now the most downloaded in Brazil, the US and the UK.

Perhaps the least positive thing is that you do certain crazy things to be first if you’re not well prepared or don’t know the area. But it’s a fantastic database of the sports that are the most successful, the most fun, or the most cycling by country. In fact, the category of wellness apps that makes the most money is fitnessmore than $29 million revenue (€26.87 million) in April 2023 alone.


From fifth to seventh place there are again three applications with the same amount, earning four million dollars (about 3.7 million euros). Fitbit is an app for bracelet for physical activity which tells you the time, counts the calories burned for a workout, records parameters such as menstruation, sleep, and even has a schedule, wallet, rest or Spotify. That is, it goes way beyond 10,000 steps or GPS. And the truth is that it connects with each version and bracelet as if it were a person’s ID, updating the statistics at the moment.

For its part, Headspace is such a successful meditation platform that it has even reached Netflix. His main feature is his voice. Andy Puddicombe (Bristol, UK, September 23, 1972), speaker and teacher of meditation and mindfulness, who traveled to the Himalayas to become a Buddhist after losing a loved one. Founded in 2010, it has over 65 million users in 190 countries.

On the other side, weight watchers it is a personalized program that allows you to lose weight in your own way. You will have enough flexibility to pamper yourself and that is the foundation of success that lasts 50 years. It is based on the same methodology as the Alcoholics Anonymous session, where no one feels left out, but is instead escorted through the process. It has many useful tools available 24/7, although its content is more complete and better in English, and more limited in Spanish.


With a revenue of three million euros in 2023, two fitness apps: AllTrails, a guide to maps and tourist routes and camping for the adventurous, and a Peloton full of learning app practice anywhere with virtual trainers.

In the first case, to be able to download maps, off-road warnings, air quality filters, pollen filters and avoid ads, you will have to pay. 29.99 euros per year. The best thing, in turn, is the accuracy of the search engine, which allows you to adjust the difficulty, distance, bumps or cost of each route through different parts of the globe.

Peloton can also cost $500 (about 463 euros) if you purchase the necessary branded materials for activities like cycling. Of course, for those who have space at home and use it on a daily basis, this can be a great investment in health. grades have excellent product qualitywith good professionals, well filmed videos and lots of variety, from calm yoga to essential strength training.


The last one on the list has a minuscule amount of two million in annual income and 1.85 million euros in rent. Better Me is a kind of creating a better version of yourself. combination of training and nutrition on a customized plan with over 100 million downloads available in 190 countries. Start with a free trial like most apps, but you’ll have to pay a monthly fee (from 5.49 euros) to continue using it.

It helps a lot to plan workouts and achieve goals, as it is sometimes difficult to combine nutrition and exercise in a practical and effective way. In fact, it has excellent ratings on Google Play and the App Store. And again his triumph is due flexibility of plans. All workouts can be done at home, and meals include user-selected meals that are easy to prepare from video recipes. It’s even helpful for drinking more water and getting tips from a personal trainer.


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