They assure that Hailey Bieber imitates Selena Gómez and there is evidence

Young people are constantly compared and now a new theory has been created (Photo Instagram @selenagomez / @haileybieber)

Young people are constantly compared and now a new theory has been created (Photo Instagram @selenagomez / @haileybieber)

“Every time I am inspired by something, I transform it to make it my own”, Hailey Bieber once said and social networks did not forget it. After the model began to be part of the life of Justin Bieber Overnight, the toxic relationship between the Canadian singer and Selena Gomez became the most controversial youth love triangle in recent years, which did not even end with the wedding of the -then- new couple.

Now, a new conspiracy theory against the model began to gain ground on social networks: Hailey is obsessed with Selena to the point of wanting to copy every part of life from the founder of Rare Beauty. True or not, here we collect all the viral tests that apparently confirm it.

The virtual punishment that Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner received for making fun of Selena Gomez

Since Hailey married Justin in November 2018 (the same year he broke up with Selena), she’s become the ‘unwanted’ number of the “Jelenators”. So far, the only thing Hailey was accused of was get in the way of Justin and Selena’s relationship, but recently, the scandal came back to life after a controversial rumor fed by thousands of TikTok users began to become a possible truth: Do you imitate the singer? Draw your own conclusions with the compelling evidence that, if true, would put the blonde in serious trouble.

rhode vs. rare beauty

Both women have their cosmetics company (Photos Instagram @rhode /@rarebeauty)

Both women have their cosmetics company (Photos Instagram @rhode /@rarebeauty)

Perhaps the most similar and subtle coincidence between the two: a beauty mark. In 2020, Selena Gomez launched Rare Beauty, her own cosmetic line based on inclusiveness and sustainability that successfully debuted on the market. However, two years later, Hailey followed suit. She, I think Rhodea line of beauty cosmetics focused on strengthening the skin’s protective barrier through its products. Coincidence begins to widen its range and lose consistency after other celebrities joined this new trend.

the cooking show

Selena launched her cooking show and Hailey followed her (Video capture)

Selena launched her cooking show and Hailey followed her (Video capture)

In mid-2020, in full quarantine, Selena launches her cooking show Selena + Chef on HBO Max. A series where the singer starred in a series in her own house and without a script. The spontaneity of the novel project where Selena invited a chef to teach her how to cook in each episode drew so much attention (it received a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes) that It was renewed for up to 4 seasons which lasted until 2022. That same year, just two or three months after its last season, Hailey launched her own cooking show What’s in my kitchen? on his YouTube channel with the same format: home recording and similar personal camera sets.

Selena Gomez dethroned Kylie Jenner and is now the woman with the most followers on Instagram

And this was not the only coincidence about the program. First, the “Oki Dokey” by Selena, a phrase she repeated so much without realizing that he added the dynamic of the vase, where he deposited a dollar for each time he repeated it. On his own show, Hailey also made this her own by bringing it up on several occasions. Second, Grandma’s invitation to the show. The singer introduced her grandmother on the show to teach her how to prepare one of her recipes. Which mirror, the model did the same with hers in her show.

The “G” tattoo

The rumors begin to gain more strength when Internet users discover that Hailey had exactly the same tattoo than Selena: a “G” italics in the same font and in the same place behind the same ear. While the artist had tattooed the “G” in honor of his younger sister Gracie. Justin’s wife, in support of the sick daughter of a Christian pastor to which she and her partner were very close.

the twin phrases

(video capture)

(video capture)

Not only the projects are the only ones that resemble each other, but also the discourse. According to users of social networks, the situation began to become strange after Hailey will start imitating memorable phrases that Selena mentioned in past interviews. One of them was the one referring to the change in the shape of the body.

In June 2021, Selena talked about her weight in Vogue’s Life in looks series, where she analyzed her most memorable looks. “I fluctuate a lot with my weight. And I remember tonight specifically, I wasn’t feeling good about my body. So what was really amazing was that I was able to work on the dress that fit my body. I don’t have to have that 19-year-old body shape, because I’m not,” she noted.

Selena Gomez told what was the phrase that Disney did not allow her to say in public

Before long, Hailey appeared on Addison Rae’s podcast and opened up about her own physical insecurities. The strangest thing is that he used the exact same age that Selena referred to (19). “I am used to seeing comments about my body as a model. Mostly they speculate if I’m pregnant or not. I’m not 19 anymore. I am 24 and I feel that my figure has changed a lot. Even more in this last year”, were the words he used.

If that phrase is not similar enough, then there is another much stranger. During various statements dating back many years, Selena revealed that what she would most like the world to know is ‘her heart’, a response that undoubtedly caught on with his fans due to the unusual choice of words. The tender phrase became a bad sign when, years later, during the Tonight Show from Jimmy Fallon that Hailey uses the same phrase to explain how she felt following the release of her YouTube docuseries Justin Bieber: Seasons. “I always had this constant battle where it said ‘I just want the world to know my heart’, was the phrase used by the model.

The twin looks

(Photos Instagram @haileybieber, Fer Cabello)

(Photos Instagram @haileybieber, Fer Cabello)

Last but not least: the looks. Yes, it may seem crazy that the now considered fashion icon of the moment has had a dark stage where she imitated various outfits that Selena initially wore. While 2015 was when Hailey was first seen imitating a black bikini by the singer, it wasn’t until 2017 that the coincidences became particularly bizarre.

Selena wore a dress neckline and sleeves at the 2017 Harper’s Bazaar party. Two years later, hailey wore one similar at the Met Gala. Justin’s ex-girlfriend wore a see-through black outfit at the 2015 AMAs. Two years later, the current couple she wears one practically the same during Paris Fashion Week.

“I am not a model and I will never be”: Selena Gomez explained how medication to treat lupus influences her weight

In the summer of 2018, Selena was captured in a light blue dress with floral prints. Two years later, Hailey wore an almost identical dress in a social media post. At the end of 2018, the brunette wore a casual look of jeans and a gray Balenciaga sweatshirt. Days later, the blonde wore the same shirt with a similar look. In January 2020, Selena wore sparkling earrings to the premiere of Dolittle. One month after, Hailey wore the same pair during Paris Fashion Week.

After seeing all these similarities, Is it just a coincidence or is Hailey really imitating Selena? We leave the speculation and possible sentences to social networks, where all the drama was born.

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