They confirm that Kanye is working on a new album.

Although Kanye West been rather unsuccessful in his statements and actions in recent years, the truth is that neither the sale of items yizi nor has the influence of his music diminished. And it’s a fact, the numbers don’t lie.

And there seems to be good news for Ye’s followers around the world. Orlando “Fya Man” Wilder confirmed in Reddit new music, and it was here that he revealed that E would be working on new album.

Is there a new Kanye West album coming up?

Fya Man wrote and co-produced quite a few songs on ‘Where’ and now he said the next thing for West would be “A kind of old E, but adapted to the times”. He also confirmed that as early as Kanye’s birthday in June, he was already working on this new LP.

In terms of music, Ye seemed to be pretty quiet, at least when it came to releasing music per se, and we now know that he was locked in the studio with his people. Which we’re excited about as the life of a producer, rapper, designer and businessman has been real for most of 2022 madness.

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As you know, West not only said all sorts of things about Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson (your partner at the time), but I also state – literally – that Hitler He did good things, apart from a few comments that were considered anti-Semitic, which caused him to be temporarily banned from most major social networks.

That is why we are extremely happy that the one who is from the city of the wind, with a rush returns to what he knows how to do best: his music. Of course, no dates or anything like that is known yet, so we’ll only have to wait to see if Kanye West has transformed his most tumultuous moments into a new album.

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