They denounce the lack of vaccines in Oaxaca’s hospitals and medical centers.

Oaxaca de Juarez. – Hospitals and medical centers IMSS Wellness able Oaxaca there is a deficit in the vaccination scheme for newborns and minors, according to Labor Party (PT).

Local MP Noe Doroteo Castillejos mentioned the case of a mother from a city in the district of Tlacolula who came to the IMSS Bienestar hospital in Tlacolula for three consecutive weeks to vaccinate her newborn and her other children, and until August 28, 2023 the vaccines did not have.

The woman also decided to go to the IMSS Bienestar hospitals, located in Mitla, San Bartolome Chialana and Santa Ana del Valle, among others, but she also did not find a vaccine. According to his testimony, he interviewed friends and relatives living in other municipalities and regions of the state, and they told him that the situation was the same.

He notes that it is prescribed by general practitioners, specialists and even pediatricians, which poses a health risk.

The legislator of the PT noted that among the vaccines that are not provided for newborns and minors are BCG against tuberculosis, a triple bacterial vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus and a triple viral PSA. This, he said, has caused a rise in complaints from families over the lack of a vaccination scheme.

“A civil society organization called zero deficit recently mentioned that over the past six years there has been a serious decline in coverage of all vaccines in Universal vaccination program… Some vaccines have run their course, such as BCG with 27% coverage in 2020, Hepatitis B vaccine with 39.4% coverage in 2021, SRP with 54% coverage in 2019, before the measles outbreak, and no vaccine against HPV during 2020 and 2021 are due, on the one hand, to the international shortage, and on the other hand, to the slow management of the bodies for its acquisition,” said the MP.

As part of the agreement, he called Minister of Health Nevertheless, General Directorate of Health of OaxacaIMSS and Minister of Health Government of Mexico to guarantee the universal right to health through the supply and distribution of vaccines for newborns and minors.

Said campus is expected to have a 2023 block director election; the facilities were taken over by a union dispute

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