They filter out the REQUIREMENTS that Sergio Ramos has for SIGNING with Club América.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Last week it became known that american club was interested in receiving services Sergio Ramos, an international figure with an important legend poster for the Spanish national team and Real Madrid, who, although he no longer has the same physique as before, has the opportunity to shine in a tournament like the Mexican one. However, negotiations with the defender did not work out and I had to stay in Coap with the desire to bomb.

Previously, it was reported that the main reason Eagles they failed to turn on bouquets money went into his ranks, as the salary demanded by the Spaniards was out of reach, which completely dissipated the possibility of seeing him in Mexico, because although America could put a significant amount of money on his salary due to the fact that he was a free agent, they did not came close.

According to David Medrano of TV Azteca, Sergio He was looking for at least $7 million, which came to $10 million with taxes, a figure the board of directors couldn’t agree on, not to mention he also wanted a car to move around freely and an apartment to live in. Thus it became clear that Spanish was now out of reach for America and any Mexican club.

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Can any Mexican club sign Sergio Ramos?

The reality is that $10 million a year is a payment beyond any number registered with Liga MX, so right now Mexico cannot hire a figure with the ability and notoriety of bouquetsbecause in Mexico the market does not live up to the expectations of these individuals. For now, America you will need to focus your search for a centre-back elsewhere.

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