They filter the AUDIO of Clara Chía Martí on a romantic date with Gerard Piqué; that’s how his voice sounds

For a year, every detail that is given about life Clara Chia Marti This is in the public interest, and because it turned out to be a new girlfriend Gerard Pique after parting with Shakiramany had been keeping abreast of every step taken by the Spaniards, so now it came to light that filtered out AND Audio 24-year-old romantic date with the owner of the Cosmos, where clearly To listen his voice.

Though Clara Chia Marti He has already become quite a public person due to the fact that he appeared at almost all the events in which he participates Gerard Pique, Very little is known about the life of the Spanish woman, since it has only been reported that she is an employee of the Cosmos and that she was the third in contention in the former footballer’s relationship with Shakira, therefore many know about every Catalan detail

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