They find a bet on Netflix most similar to Black Mirror and it takes over the platform.

Netflix wants to entertain us in the summer in the best possible way. And not only does it give us summertime love stories like The Perfect Tale, it also makes us think about movies a little further. And this is Paradise. With a hint of science fiction and allegory, similar to many episodes of Black Mirror. This German production has just appeared on Netflix and is already among the most watched content in the world on this platform.

with a hyphen Peter Kotsila And Simon Amberger, “Paradise” directed by Boris Kunz, is the third film in his filmography. And in doing so, he warns us of the dangers of technology and where it is taking us as a society. The film also bears similarities to another film with a similar theme, “On Time”. Starring Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake.

Paradise is coming to Netflix with a lot of positive reviews, especially its ending. “A sci-fi thriller with a compelling storyline. The beginning and end of this film work very well.” OR “The plot holds its course with a series of unexpected twists and turns.“, According to Dave Golder for Radio Timers Wednesday.

What is Paradise on Netflix?

The action takes place in the near future, in which the company EON dominates the pharmaceutical world with technology that allows lifespan to be transferred from one person to another, Elena and her husband Max are forced to pay for 40 years of their lives. Realizing that these years served to rejuvenate the director of AEON, the couple will do everything possible to return those years, which will begin a hunt that will lead them to the edge of their own moral concepts.

The end of the film is left so open that a second part may appear in the near future. But for now, we can only enjoy this movie.

The cast of Ray

It is full of German translators: Kostya Ulman like Max, Corinna Kirchoff like Elena, Alina Levshina like Sophie Theissen, numan akar like Novak, Iris Berben like Sophie Theissen, Hayley Louise Jones like Luna Ackerman, Andreas Windhuis like Stefan or Matthias Sizing like Herr Steiner.

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