They invite a puppy to a wedding and the owner only watched from afar

Pets are now like family and therefore they are welcome to any event that their humans are invited to, well, sometimes they only invite the tenderloin, like this puppy, who was invited to a wedding, the curious thing is that his human it was not required at the event.

The puppy is named Murph and went viral on social networks after he was invited to a wedding on the beaches of Quintana Roo; however, the owner of the tenderloin was not invited.


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Through TikTok, the user @murph_holbox shared the story where the puppy is seen enjoying the celebration, since Murph lived with all the guests and even appeared in the family photo while everyone tried to be close to him.


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The funny thing about this story is that the owner at all times just watches and records how his pet became the life of the party, and that is that the tiktoker reported that one day a wedding planner He asked him to go to a wedding as a photographer, since the person they had hired canceled.


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And although Jahir, the name of the owner of the tenderloin, accepted, shortly after they called him again to tell him that they no longer needed his services, but they did need his puppy, since the girlfriend knew about Murph’s social network and that was how Murph became in the protagonist of the wedding and stole the camera at the big event.

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“So (the wedding planner) says to the bride: Hey, this person is coming, and (the bride) says: wow, I know him, I follow him on Instagram, can you cancel it and just bring Murph?” .

Jhair revealed that the little dog got his own saucer at the wedding. “As soon as you come, let Murph come, stay with them, take pictures, be at the party; to consider them at the wedding with their saucer.”

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