They report that a partner of Zendaya in ‘Euphoria’ is about to join an important role in Spiderman

He Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony are putting together a cast to further develop the Spider-Verse. Three Tom Holland Spider-Man movies, two by Venon, one by Morbius, and the upcoming Kraven: The Hunter are part of the breadth of characters who live in the world of Spider-Man.

Another one that is already in production is Madame Web. It is known that the clairvoyant will be played by dakota johnsonbut the challenge of characters that will accompany her are those that are part of the rumors.

This is how according to what sources close to Marvel report, it has been known that Syndey Sweeney will have the role of Spider-Woman in this film.

The 25-year-old actress, Zendaya’s partner in ‘Euphoria’ would join Sony’s Spider-Verse first. And, if she were to penetrate the public, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Yahoo News details that this information was offered by renowned insider Jeff Sneider. Throughout the history of Marvel, there are several personalities that give life to Spider-Woman. Perhaps the most recognized is Gwen Stacy, for Emma Stone’s performance in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Sydney Sweeney would not play this role, but that of Julia Carpenter, the second in the history of Marvel comics to become Spider-Woman, according to Sneider. In the same way, the focus of the feature film, which has a February 2024 release date, is directed towards the development of Dakota Johnson as Madame Web.

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