They reveal terrifying photo of Joaquin Phoenix filming ‘Joker 2’ in the streets of Los Angeles

Although the photo leaves much to be desired, Joaquin Phienix once again confirms himself as a truly terrifying Joker. Just look at what he looks like during the filming of ‘Joker 2’ on the streets of Los Angeles

One more photo from Joker 2 has been leaked. Everything seems to indicate that the director Todd Phillips and his protagonist, Joaquin Phoenix, are terrorizing pedestrians in Los Angeles, California, because filming is taking place without restrictions on passage. Thanks to the fans we have this new photo that reminds us of a great phrase from the Snyderverse: “we live in a society…”. The rest is history.

A couple of weeks ago, the studio gave us a first look at Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn, whose characterization allowed us to imagine that Phillips and Warner Bros. would be adapting Stejepan Sejic’s comic, Harleen, whose plot tells as the doctor falls victim to madness and the psychological abuse of Gotham’s archenemy. However, they say that his origins will be changed.

Anyway, in this image that has been shared on social networks dedicated to promoting the works of the study directed by James Gunn, Phoenix wears the same red suit that we met him in the first Joker film, that he earned the recognition of all batfans, they have even described his work at the level of Heath Ledger and well above Barry Keoghan in The Batman, by Matt Reeves.

Everything seems to indicate that we will meet this character in his darkest facet and Gunn will allow the Elseworlds universe to take hold alongside his own, building a multiverse where this clown, Keoghan’s and the one he is going to introduce in his adaptation The Brave and the Bold, which will mark the return of Batman and Robin, can coexist and there is the opportunity to bring them together in some event of epic sizes.

It is expected that Joker 2 premieres on October 4, 2024Of course, if there are no more delays as is the style of Warner Bros. Recently, Willem Dafoe has expressed his desire to play the Joker in some DC universe, so Gunn already has an interesting and well-proven prospect under the influence of the madness, just remember his green Goblin in the hands of Sam Raimi.

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