They revolutionize girl power in film and music

International Women’s Day usually has different meanings, but everyone reflects on the subject from different angles. Singers and actresses shared with publimeter his look at the moment in the entertainment industry, both in achievements and struggles.

Arcelia Ramírez and Ana Martín talked about what the gender perspective was like a few decades ago; while young artists such as Billie Eilish, Melissa Robles or the K-pop group, Lapillus, are optimistic about the path that has been achieved.

Melissa de Matisse

“These are interesting times and we are making more and more progress towards equality, but without a doubt there is still a lot to be done on many issues. I think that there are more and more women doing things that they did not do before, that is very nice to see and asking for the rights that we have always had.

The singer added, “It is a great moment for music and women, we know that there are many artists breaking it like Anitta, Karol G, Rosalía and in Anglo Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish or Miley Cyrus, among others. There are so many women telling their stories through music. Many exponents who came and paved the way for us a long time ago, but let’s talk about a Madonna who, in addition to fighting for her as a woman, also fights for the rights of the LGBTTTIQ+ community. We have been very empathetic women towards other movements”.

The member of the Matisse group revealed that she has to be surrounded by men, “Being a woman has many challenges, I, for example, find myself in a staff and family completely made up of men, which has its challenges and benefits, because everyone is affectionate with me but makes you listen to each other. a world of men or in an industry dominated by men, it is difficult; however, I feel privileged to be able to have a place in the industry. I feel free of who I am and very honored to think that I am also opening a gap for other generations.”

Ana Martin

The 76-year-old actress is part of the history of cinema and television in Mexico, which in her youth broke with stereotypes. “I have had to see powerful women, because the empowerment of women began back in the 60s, when birth control pills arrived and we raised our voices in every way. I feel that we have achieved great changes, where we are more independent and less left behind”.

Arcelia Ramirez

“What has happened lately in the cinema, with a large number of directors, producers and actresses, speaks of the irruption of women, that look is fundamental. There is a very important movement to guarantee security and decent working conditions for women in the cinema and in many other fields. Protocols have been established to say… Enough is enough! We would have to move towards a justice system that guarantees the safety of women in this country”.

Leticia Huijara

The actress presides over the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences. “Raising your voice in an organized and polite way with arguments is important. We have fought for protocols against harassment and violence in productions. Now we are educated women, when I started my career I was an artist who did not know how to say ‘no’ to many things, what is very important now is that the new generations are being educated to give a resounding ‘no’ to harassment, violence and even to the lack of equity in working conditions and wages”.


The South Korean girl group made up of Chanty, Shana, Yue, Bessie, Seowon and Haeu, have managed to excel in music and within K-pop. “We are part of a group of powerful women, who are living a very interesting moment, within a healthier environment. We are young people who fight for their dreams and are willing to learn from other women, we are allies and not a competition within the industry,” they said.

billie eilish

“The labels of feminist, feminism or other ways of putting women persist. I think there is a strong fear of successful women, that is terrible. There are great women who support the feminist cause from art, music, cinema, in my case using letters to promote discourse and equality. There is still a long way to go, because I can give you an example that seems so small but shows the closed mind of many people: If I were a man and wore these baggy clothes, no one would criticize. Everyone wants me to wear tight clothes, to look feminine, but it’s not my style, let alone my personality. I think there is a lot to change in the aspect of equality”.

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Natalia Lafourcade

“It makes me happy to see that the number of women who dare to do the things they like is increasing, to get rid of prejudices and ties to stand on stage to shout their projects, their songs and their art. For me, both men and women are in the same position, we come to this world to contribute and give it our love, our art, whatever it is, our talent and make it grow with what each one of us has”.

Carla Morrison

“I don’t know why we girls are standing out more now, what I can say is that I’m glad so many of us are shining, but I don’t know why a wave of girls was born who know how to play, dance and sing and whatever; I’m glad it’s happening.”

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