They sneak onto Bryan Adams’s stage while he plays Summer of ’69: his reaction is priceless

More and more shows where we see anxious fans doing things they shouldn’t be doing. In the last show Bryan Adams In Salt Lake City, a Canadian was hurt when an assistant sneaked onto the stage and took the microphone… on top of that, during a performance.”Summer of 69.

The Canadian had just finished the song’s opening riffs when a young man in a white T-shirt and jeans managed to escape security. Adams, instead of confronting him, decided to back off and let him sing…although he was soon dragged away. Best of all, Adams didn’t miss a beat, picking up the song where the hack left off. Impressive response.

A video of the moment went viral on social media, with many praising Adams for how she handled this embarrassing and embarrassing situation. On his social media, Adams commented on the following, taking the experience with a sense of humor: “Sneaking up on stage is not recommended…sometimes you just need to laugh.”

What happened to Adams is not an isolated incident. There are quite a few fans who seem to have forgotten that there is a line that separates the artist from the viewer. There were similar situations at concerts. Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Bebe Rexha or Lil Nas X, among others. In particular, the most disturbing trend is the recent trend of throwing objects onto the stage. Some artists have occasionally been injured after being hit with objects of certain force, such as mobile phones.

@.aliciajo Some guy jumped onto the stage at last night’s @Bryan Adams concert at SLC and was dragged away by security. Brian’s reaction was incredible. #bryanadams #bryanadamsconcert #concert #music #livemusic #concerttime #80srock #bryanadamssumemerof69 #summerof69 #concertcrasher #slc #bryanadamssaltlake ? original sound – alice

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