They speak clearly about HIV/AIDS to juvenile delinquents in Colón.

Every year, between 80 and 100 new cases are detected in this province.

Ethical values ​​in communication between couples was the second theme of the “Youth Project” within the “Responsible Parenthood” program carried out at the Center for Custody and Compliance Basilio Lacas (CCCBL) in the province of Colon with the support of Fundación Pro – Well-being and dignity of people affected by HIV AIDS (Probisidide).

It is the result of an alliance between the Interdisciplinary Research Institute (IEI) and Probidsida.

The event was aimed at 13 young people who are parents and remain in detention.

The themes developed at the meeting were respect, peace, tolerance, assertive communication, levels of self-esteem, honesty, responsible one-hearted love, family, responsible parenting, and various dynamics.

Eduardo Robinson, director of Probidsida, stated that the rules are designed to keep them in tune with themselves and their partners as they are inside the center of compliance and their sentimental partners are free, so we aim to build loyalty and loyalty to prevent them from relations weaken and cause separation, thus we avoid the breakdown of the house and strengthen the family union, a positive example for children.

On the same issue, Vielka Tenis Chifundo, a social worker at this center for minors, pointed out that the man in the family structure plays a fundamental role in the development of children, accompanies and complements the mother in their upbringing, should give experience, good attitude and, above all, love for the proper functioning of the family is no longer seen solely as an economic breadwinner; but also emotional support.

It is estimated that in Colón every year between 80 and 100 people fall ill with the disease, not counting the couples they have, sometimes more than one.

The most vulnerable populations include homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, and even vulnerable workers such as dock workers, police officers, firefighters, and others.

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