They were stars, and now they are left without a team; Saudi Arabia could be his ‘rescue’

In the days after the transfer window closed, the leagues in England, Spain, Italy and even Mexico saw a number of players who were all-stars now out of work.

Whether it’s around the world or in Mexico, various players who were considered some of the best in the field are now struggling to find a team, and achieving, at best, the Saudi Arabian Championship seems to be the only option to “save yourself”.

Spanish goalkeeper David de Gea, Belgian striker Eden Hazard or Argentina’s world champion striker Alejandro “Papu” Gómez are just some of the players who, after breaking off relations with the last club they belonged to, have not found a way to move forward in their careers.

Another star who found himself in this situation was Sergio Ramos. After leaving PSG, the defender struggled to find a new team. There were rumors about his possible coming to America from Mexico or to Arab football; However, he had already signed for Sevilla, the club for which he made his debut in 2003.

David De Gea.

David De Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper has been expelled from Manchester United after 12 seasons after coach Erik ten Hag selected Andre Onana as the starting lineup. He became the highest paid goalkeeper in the Premier League and although he dreamed of joining Real Madrid after Thibaut Courtois’ injury, he is still on the unemployed list.

Eden Azar

Eden Azar. The Belgian’s arrival at Real Madrid was a real highlight in 2019, but his performance left a lot to be desired and the Real Madrid side didn’t want to fuel that disappointment again. His relationship ended, and the Belgian national team even considered ending their careers, seeing no obstacles in their path.

Alexander "Papuan" Gomez

Alejandro Gomez. “Papu” ended 2022 as one of the world champions after Argentina took the crown in Qatar 2022. But after two and a half seasons at Sevilla, he decided to terminate his contract with the Andalusian team, with nothing clear in sight for their future.

For most of these players, the “rescue” could be the Saudi Arabian League, where a lot of capital continues to move to attract players with a certain name, and where the transfer deadline will be until September 20th.

But at the international level, in the case of Mexican football, there are some elements that have enjoyed great fame and reputation in our football, but now they have failed to adapt.

Marco Fabian was left without a team.

One of them is Marco Fabian, who won the gold medal in London in 2012 and since leaving Mazatlán has not found a club where he could continue his career.

Another winner of the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics was Miguel Ponce. Pocho was an important part of the Chivas Champions League in 2017 with Matias Almeida, and although it has now been revealed that he can strengthen Pachuca, there is nothing concrete.

Miguel Ponce can get to Pachuca.

Other Mexican players who have become important figures in their teams and who now have nowhere else to go are Oswaldo Alanis, Jorge Hernandez, Jonathan Orozco or David Cabrera.

Although the domestic market in the MX League has already closed, it must be remembered that footballers playing outside our country can still sign up for the national team until September 13th.

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