They’re ramping up vaccination days amid rising COVID-19 cases across the country.

To ensure adequate protection against this disease, the Ministry of Human Development has authorized two new sites in the city of Formosa where residents will be able to receive booster doses against COVID-19.

For this occasion, health tents will be located until Sunday, September 10, in Plaza San Martín and on the pedestrian street Paseo on 25 May Avenue.

Those interested in following the vaccination schedule proposed by the country’s Ministry of Health can visit these sites in the city of Formosa from 16:00 to 19:00.

On the other hand, neighbors will also be able to consult and submit an application. appropriate doses of hepatitis B, pneumococcal, and influenza vaccine.

Who should receive reinforcements?

Each person was required to administer the first and second COVID-19 doses, as well as designated booster doses. Thus, each person will be considered to have a complete vaccination schedule.

People over 50 years of age, people with diagnosed concomitant diseases, Immunocompromised patients of any age, pregnant women, medical personnel and personnel considered strategic should receive a booster dose every six months.

Meanwhile people under 50 years of age, without concomitant diseases, they should receive an annual vaccinationl.

The number of Covid-19 cases has increased in the country

The number of reported Covid-19 cases has increased significantly over the past six weeks and 16 deaths have been recorded, according to a report from the National Department of Health. As you know, since the end of July the growth has been 200 percent.

In terms of hospitalizations due to respiratory viruses, more than two thousand people have been reported across the country in recent weeks, with 55 deaths. Of these deaths, 16 have been confirmed as Covid-19 deaths.

Of the reported deaths, seven occurred in the city of Buenos Aires and six in the province of Buenos Aires, while Tucumán, Santa Fe and Jujuy each had one death.

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