Thiago Tirante, another Argentine tennis promise featured in Los Cabos Grupo Milenio.

Argentine tennis continues to showcase its new breed of athlete to the world, and now it’s up to Thiago Tirante, who is gradually approaching the first hundred. The 22-year-old South American is in the Los Cabos Open where he has already reached the second round and is looking to continue to score points to improve his position in the world rankings.

“I feel at the level, I play very well, I needed this victory, because it is not only good for my game, but also for my head.and I get a little bit of satisfaction seeing the result of the months of hard work that I had, little by little I climb higher and higher in the rankings, and another victory at the ATP level gives me great confidence and keep dreaming, ”said Thiago.

Tirante, ranked 136th in the world, could already face off in the next round against Australian Alex De Minor, champion of the Mexican tennis tournament, a tough contender for the Argentine, but without a doubt he has what it takes to fight for the 19th place in the world rankings as he has some training bases from the Spaniard Rafael Nadal and the Swiss Roger Federer as a few years ago he sparred with them.

It was at the London Masters, I was 18 years old, and I had just taken first place in the world among juniors. and the ITF invited me to the London Top 8 Masters to spar during the training week and I was able to enjoy it to the fullest. I saw what they were doing, down to the smallest detail, and it helped me a lot in my growth, my confidence, knowing that I was obviously far from winning the game against them, but in training we were equal, and this generated a lot for me. Confidence, peace of mind that he is on the right track,” said Thiago.

Sign in top 100 This is the goal that the Argentine has set for himself, and he is confident that it is achievable.

“Obviously yes, and you need to go step by step, improve, and then the results will come, and I would like to get into the top 100 this year, this would give me more confidence to continue to improve,” he said. .

Thiago defeated Chilean Gonzalo Lama in the first round of the Los Cabos Open 7-6 and 6-2.

“It helped me a lot for my head, to be aware, to keep learning, to improve and do whatever I want, to keep pushing forward and work harder to get to the biggest tournaments. I am one of the few who adapt to hard court and that motivates me to keep improving on this surface and keep winning these tournaments and keep gaining level and confidence on these courts,” said the tennis player, who reached the second round at Roland Garros this year.


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