This genius of universal literature married Anne Hathaway and invented hundreds of words

William Shakespeare was born in April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England, and died on April 23, 1616 in his hometown. Was poetplaywright and actorconsidered by many to be the greatest playwright of all time, draws attention The Britannica Encyclopedia.

Playwright studied at Stratford Grammar School where he would learn about Hispanic literature and history. Leaving school, around the age of fifteen, he had several options. It is possible that he took up his father’s craft as a journeyman or was a school teacher, he says Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (a national register of men and women who have shaped British history and culture).

Known as the Bard of Avon or the Swan of Avon, Shakespeare He got married at the age of 18. get married with Anne Hathaway from Stratford, eight years older. Together they had three children; Susanna (baptized May 26, 1583) and the twins Hamnet and Judith (baptized February 2, 1585). Unfortunately, Hamnet died at the age of 11.

Shakespeare’s career began in Londonsays the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, a charity that promotes the study of his works, protects his property and keeps historical records.

Oxford explains, however, that there are almost no records of Shakespeare’s life between 1585 and 1592. britannicait is known that from 1594 he was an important member of the acting society Lord Chamberlain.

It is known, however, as the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust says, that during his stay in the capital of England, he published his first printed works. It was two long lines: Venus and Adonis AND Rape of Lucretia. During his stay in the company of Shakespeare’s actors He also wrote some of his most famous tragedies, including How Lear King AND Macbeth as well as great romantic novels, such as A Winter’s Tale AND Storm.

After all, Shakespeare wrote 38 dramas, 2 narrative poems, 154 sonnets and many other poemsrefers to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Moreover, the organization continues, no original manuscripts of the playwright’s works exist to this day. In fact, it is thanks to the troupe of actors that about half of Shakespeare’s works are known.

After his death, his works were collected in the so-called First Folio (First Folio in English) for publication. included 36 of his piecesbut none of his poetry.

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According to britannicaShakespeare’s plays, themes and characters have an emotional reality that transcends time and are of general interest. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Compliant, His writings have been adapted into many genres and transferred to theater and cinema.

The poet used more than 20,000 words in his writings. But it is not everything. It is attributed to him invention or introduction of over 1,700 words which are still used in English today. Whether it’s combining words, turning nouns into verbs, or adding prefixes or suffixes, your words stick to it.

Among them, the organization that takes care of the writer’s estate lists: alligator (alligator, introduced in Romeo and Julietact 5, scene 1) room (room entered in A Midsummer Night’s Dreamact 2, scene 2) i gossip (rumour, introduced in A comedy of errorsact 5, scene 1).

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