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Shawn Mendes announced a few weeks ago that jewel special. A limited edition piece, the result of a collaboration between the artist and David Yurman, well-known American jewelry company. It is nothing less than a joint bracelet with which he seeks to help and support young change agents.

The artist once again announced that the jewel is available, he did it through his social networks and for good reason. This is the last chance to get it. The bracelet leads the sale from June 18 to September 4 when they stop selling it, so if you are in doubt whether to take it or not, frome CADENA 100, where we offer you the most varied music, We’re sorry to inform you that you don’t have much time to think about it.

According to the famous brand and artist, as long as the item is in stock, it will be 20% of the cost is donated to the Mendes Show Foundation.where they seek to “empower and elevate young changemakers”. “I definitely recommend getting them. I bought them and I really like them” or “Sean is gorgeous as always, these jewels are so beautiful”, here are some opinions of his followers about the bracelet.

Shawn Mendes shared a thank you message to David Yurman from his personal Instagram account and urged his fans to give the sale a final push. “Thank you to David Yurman for partnering with the Shawn Mendes Foundation to support young werewolves through a co-branded bracelet and some of my favorite jewelry from the collection. Visit @shawnmfoundation for more information.”

Shaw Mendes Foundation

According to the foundation’s website, the foundation is “working to provide a learning platform for today’s youth and provide direct support for what you’re passionate about.” Shawn Mendes has repeatedly noted that this was one of the best decisions in his life and that this project helped him grow as a person: “The Foundation has been a great learning experience in my life. It’s always been about realizing what a privilege I’ve been given, what position I’ve been in, and wanting to make sure I’m giving back to the world. But it’s also learning, and it’s been a huge blessing for me to see how many people I’ve been able to help. Not only that, I love to see it reach people all over the world, people who don’t have a platform, and see how young leaders from different cities have grown their platforms based on what they’ve done. , foundation, and it was a process that I think took on a life of its own in a really beautiful way.. I’m very lucky to be a part of it.”.

special program

The foundation has a program called “Miracle Grants” with the help of which, in four years, he managed to donate a fund over 30 young peoplewho work to fight social justice, climate solutions, mental health advocacy, human rights reforms, educational opportunities, etc. The youngest followers of the Canadian singer praised his behavior and appreciated all his gestures of solidarity towards them.: “I love the way he talks about us young change agents. How we all need to take a stand because we are all important.”

IN CADENA 100 where we always put you the best musical variety, we closely follow all the steps of the artist inside and outside the world of music. Like his fans, we are looking forward to the release of new music. At the moment we don’t have any news about his upcoming work, the only thing we know for sure is that whatever he puts out will be another number 1 for the artist.

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