“This is an assessment that needs to be made”

Carlo Anchelotti It is clear that the future real Madrid before this season, it goes through schema change. Since the start of the preseason, the merengue team has seen them abandon their classic 4-3-3 play with 4-4-2 in diamond with Bellingham as the great “inventor” of change. After the first defeat, lost to the devastating Barcelona, ​​the thoughts of the Italian coach have already begun to bombard the first fears about the tactical transition.

V press conference before the last friendly match against Turin JuventusThe Italian coach has received several questions about the reliability of the new system and whether it has a long way to go before it finally enters Real Madrid’s new DNA:This gives us another opportunity to vary the system so as not to have a fixed system.. On an individual level, we learned more about Bellingham’s qualities. Full midfielder and more than interior. We must take everything into account for the season“.

Old age, youth… and Vinicius

Beyond the collective level, Carletto talked more about individual roles to balance seniority and youth. On the one hand, he continued his idea of ​​preserving Toni Kroos And Luka Modric in an important role, despite rumors of a more inconspicuous role: “For them, nothing changes. They are still players with experience and knowledge that no one else has. They have contributed and will continue to contribute throughout the season.. They will be the protagonists, just like in previous years, given that the youth is progressing.”

In his last words, he gave more clues as to what he has in mind to advance in the inevitable transition as players like Camavinga, Choaumeni, Arda Güler or Rodrigo continue to grow in the team: It must be taken into account that there are young people who push. They need to be patient and watch what the veterans are doing. In the year we won the double, this combination was very good.“.

He also specifically dedicated a few words to the team’s current star, Vinicius. Despite the fact that the Brazilian did not score in Clasico, taking into account the missed penalty, Carletto started doubts his new position Accustomed to shining as a winger, the Italian argued that both sides need to get better for change: This is the assessment we have to make and the player too. The player likes it. It is true that on the outside he is more unbalanced, but on the inside he scores more goals.. He had many opportunities to score a goal and he is still the best. We try to try something new during this period, because later it is more difficult.“.

Carlo Ancelotti talks to his son Davide before the Real Madrid-Manchester United match (Photo: Cordon Press).
Carlo Ancelotti talks to his son Davide before the Real Madrid-Manchester United match (Photo: Cordon Press).

Ancelotti continues to bet in a new style

Despite all the criticism, Ancelotti remains confident in his plan and, for the moment, is unwilling to give up what he is building: What I didn’t like is very little because I think we had good moments. The pressure is higher, transitions. It is clear that we need more balance and more vigilance.. I think it can be fixed and the idea of ​​​​changing is only if the players are not comfortable“Ancelotti said.


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