This is an HBO Max series that will be canceled after the failure.

Not everything on the HBO Max streaming platform is a big hit. There are some productions that fall short of the expectations of a wide audience that can now be evaluated on a daily basis and end up with a negative result. So there are some row and short-lived films available to users.

Idol. Source: HBO Max

In a wide range of possibilities, between TV series and films, it may contain products not suitable for all tastes. However, there are some that start badly before release and end even worse. Such is the case with one of the series, which was only available one month in HBO Max.

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On June 4, the long-awaited launch of the series took place.idol‘, a creation by Sam Levinson, starring Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) and Lily-Rose Depp. HBO Max got all the attention with their series, which had great qualities and was a big success, but none of that happened.

Idol. Source: HBO Max

row The problems began before the end of this first season, as director Amy Seimetz was removed from her position due to some disagreements with The Weeknd. For this reason, Sam Levinson himself took over directing the episodes, which were originally supposed to be six, but ended up with only five. Added to this were negative reviews about the plot, which turned out to be not what the public expected, and the audience was getting smaller and smaller.

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Idol was one of the most provocative original series and we are very pleased with the strong response from viewers. After much deliberation, HBO and the show’s creators have decided not to produce a second season. We are grateful to the creators, cast and crew for their incredible work,” he said. HBO Max in a statement in which he made it clear that there would be no second season of the series and that it would be permanently cancelled.

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