This is how Jenna Ortega has been affected by playing Wednesday on Netflix

Jenna Ortega came into our lives last November at the hands of Netflix with ‘Wednesday’, a series directed by the extravagant Tim Burton and starring an excellent Jenna Ortega, it took everyone by surprise. Whether it’s the iconic dance, the gripping teen plot or Burton’s iconic style, it’s clear that the series starring Wednesday Addams has become a bona fide hit for a platform in decline after its latest fares.

The leading actress, Jenna Ortega, already had some experience in the world of acting. Although, obviously, this has been her first great role in her industry, and it has been in which she has shown the world her great potential. And, if she continues to maintain this level, she could soon reach the level of other actresses of her generation, such as her platform partner Millie Bobby Brown, among many others.

Now, in the midst of an awards season whose victory is practically assured, the American actress has commented in an interview on the consequences that her most recent performance has had on her private life. Next, we will tell you everything Jenna Ortega said in her last interview about her role as Wednesday.

The effect that Wednesday has had on the life of Jenna Ortega

Specifically, the interview we are going to talk about has been carried out by ‘The Cut’. The question that led Jenna Ortega to open up about the consequences of her role as Wednesday was: “Do you feel that you usually incorporate the style of your characters into your daily life?”. Next, we leave you with the answer that Ortega offered:

“It depends on the character. When I was working on ‘Wednesday’, I suddenly realized that I was only wearing black. I do not know why. For some reason my closet just lost its color. Even though I’ve played characters before that, no matter how comfortable I felt in the way they’re dressed, it’s not something that I usually wear or that I think is a good representation of myself.”

Jenna Ortega for ‘The Cut’ on the influence of Wednesday in her closet

record wednesday netflix

After her work as Wednesday on Netflix, the actress has become an icon for many people, that is because her performance in the series is wonderful. Who wouldn’t have had something like this happen to them? It seems quite normal for something like this to stay inside you for a while.

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