This is how the public reacted when Lewis Capaldi had an episode of Tourette in full concert

This is how the public reacted when Lewis Capaldi had an episode of Tourette in full concertETIENNE-LAURENT

british singer, lewis capaldihas starred in a viral moment during one of his concerts that was recorded and has already traveled all the social networks there have been and have.

He achieved fame with the theme ‘Someone you loved in the year 2019,and it was precisely singing that song when suffered a Tourette’s episode. Due to the spasms he was having and despite the fact that he tried to continue as normal, the 26-year-old he had to stop singing on several occasions. The public, being aware of the situation, reacted by singing the song for him and emotionally showing their support for the singer.

After finishing the song with the help of his German fans, Capaldi appreciated the loving gesture and continued the concert in Frankfurt without interruption until the end.

This is the video in which you can see Lewis Capaldi singing Someone you loved while having the spasms:

@itslauramy @Lewis Capaldi full house! #lewiscapaldi#singing#fyp♬ original sound – Laura Amy

The TiktTok video already has millions of views and thousands of comments full of support and love for the Glasgow singer.

Do you know what Tourette syndrome is?

Surely when you read Tourette you think of the typical example of a person saying uncontrollable profanity, but the reality is that it is a condition of the nervous system that causes tics in people what can they be movement or sounds. They can be highly variable, from a grunt to a repeated and involuntary blink.

More complex tics may follow patterns in which the person may repeat phrases uncontrollably. It is a syndrome that has no cure but there is medication to treat it in a personalized way, since it differs greatly in each person who suffers from it.

What other celebrities have Tourette’s?

Currently, there is 2% of the population worldwide that suffers from this syndrome and it usually appears in childhood or adolescence. It tends to affect men more, and people diagnosed with Tourette’s usually lead the same life as someone who doesn’t have it.

Some world-renowned celebrities have admitted having this syndrome, this is the case of singers Billie Eilish and Lele Ponsand Hollywood actors Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters) and Seth Rogen (Neighbors).

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