This is how the tribute to Taylor Swift was lived in Puebla

This Thursday night was something magical. A tribute to Taylor Swift was what dozens of people witnesseds. An event that through candlelight and the vibrant sound of 4 strings, these young Yucatecans managed to dazzle with their talent playing the hits of the American singer.

The truth is that we wanted to take this concept to more states, because we had seen that people in our homeland of Yucatan had enjoyed it very much and we said, we have to share it with more people, right?” said Sofía Campos, violinist.

A different proposal in which it becomes a moment more intimate, romantic, exciting and speciall, because they assure that this show is the closest thing to what a Taylor Swift concert would be.

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We believe that he is an artist who is currently having a very important boom in his career and there are many people who enjoy his music.” the violinist said.

In our shows people sing, dance, have cried, there has also been a marriage proposal, they stop to dance, in the last show they stopped to dance, the waltz is something incredible, it is something very beautiful”, concluded Sofía Campos.

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