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By announcing his separation with Gerard Piqué, Shakira she had to resort to various alternatives to be able to get over her ex-partner and continue with a new chapter of her life.

One of the alternatives that worked best for him was music, as stated by the artist barranquillera in its most recent interview.

“Now Shakira, go to therapy, you have to learn to let go”: with memes, Twitter users ask the Colombian singer to overcome Piqué once and for all

The interpreter of “Pies descalzos” expressed her feelings in musical hits like “TQG” together with Carol G. and the “Session 53″ with bizarre. As a result, dozens of criticisms rained down on her, but she replied that through the music He feels free to tell the world what he feels, as reported by El Universal.

The book that helped Shakira to overcome the break with Gerard Piqué

For the first time, after separating from Piqué, Shakira gave an interview for the program of Televisa “On Point”, hosted by the journalist Mexican Enrique Acevedowhere he opened up about the difficult moments that the break caused him.

Shakira already has a new date to arrive in Miami: the singer finalized the contracting of the air ambulance that will transport her father and is preparing for the move with her children

In a moment of sensitivity, the singer declared that although the separation hurt at first, now she feels “enough” to continue alone without a man. And much of her learning is due to a book.

“They say that the opposite of depression is expression,” the singer mentioned during the interview, to which Acevedo replied “it’s very good, I’m going to steal it from you.” However, Shakira clarified that it was a phrase written by a Holocaust survivor.

Although he did not give details of the name, the followers of the singer identified the title, as the phrase appears in “The Auschwitz Dancer” from the writer and psychologist Edith Eger.

On the Planeta de Libros portal you can read the synopsis of the work: “an exciting story of overcoming the ability of the human being to heal and overcome adversity.” After a brief summary of what Eger had to live through, he closes by saying that he leaves a clear message.

“We have the ability to escape the prisons we build in our minds and we can choose to be free, whatever the circumstances of our lives.”

It didn’t take long for Shakira’s fans to turn to social networks to express their wishes to read the book. Others commented that they had already read it and recommend it because of its innumerable teachings. (AND)

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