This is the highest paid actor in the last twenty years for just one film.

TO Often, films that are released and turn out to be box office hits usually don’t communicate as many benefits for their protagonists, mostly due to details in the contract. Others, for example, include a percentage of the new movie’s box office receipts in their agreement and this gives them millions and millions, being a real “hit”. As examples of this Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith or Keanu Reeves.

However, there is an actor, now retired, who wears over twenty years to be one of the highest paid per film alone. Concrete Ribbon ‘Sixth Sense‘, an Indian-American filmmaker Manoj Nelliattu Shyamalan, which was one of the most profitable tapes in history.

What are the benefits of The Sixth Sense?

In addition to being one of the film projects in history, it was one of the most popular films. Released in 1999, ‘Sixth Sense’ It told the story of a child psychologist who set out to help a child understand and deal with his natural abilities. Hayley Joel Osment played the boy Cole Cyr and, as his psychologist, was Bruce Willis.

Bruce Willis and the astronomical figure he earned

Willis, now retired due to dementia, was voted the highest paid actor to date for his appearance in The Sixth Sense alone. His salary in the film was $14 milliona normal figure in the movie world and its cash register, but it’s small compared to the salary earned by Robert Downey Jr. for Captain America: Civil War or Will Smith for The Williams Method, both with 40 million. dollars.

However, the track record of Bruce Willis is not responsible for the salary for the film, but the income he had from tape benefits. In this case, The Sixth Sense made Bruce Willis a colossal amount of money. One hundred million dollars For his work.

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