This is the ‘mewing’, the technique that promises to end the double chin

Personal care is on the rise. And obviously not just among women. People of all classes, conditions and ages seek improve your fitness or prevent future imperfections that appear with age. For this, there are many tips that circulate through the networks and that, in many cases, even go viral.

It is the case of ‘mewing’, a simple exercise that promises to end double chins and has already accumulated thousands of views on TikTok. This is a practice carried out by Hollywood actors and spread by Sandra Bullock herself in an interview.

It consists of using the position of the tongue to modify the profile of the jaw and thus hide the double chin. It would be about raising the tongue to the palate so that the chin is refined and the lips come out more rounded. Some compare it to the gesture that imitates a meow and celebrities use it, especially when they are going to take a photo, that is, only for a few seconds.

The experts, however, deflate this fashion, warning that it only works for a few seconds, but that does not provide permanent results. In addition, they add that in this way a position is being forced and could have adverse results.

These include pain in the jaw, tongue, neck, head or even ears, since muscles in that part of the body are being put into operation, which can cause them to become too tense. Dentists also believe that this practice is not highly recommended, since by putting this posture, the teeth touch each other and can cause they wear out or cracks are generated in the enamel.

To prolong this effect there are other techniques such as Sulyfth or Kobido, as well as many other massages and exercises for which there are tutorials on the internet. In the same way, there are tools such as rollers that can also contribute to the disappearance of that annoying and unsightly hanging skin.

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