This is the miniseries with the most empowered Marvel heroines that you can already see on Disney+

It is a four-episode original series produced by Zoë Saldaña and is available now on Disney.
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From Carol Danvers and Wanda Maximoff to the women of wakandan and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Power M (M Power) traces the trajectory of these characters from their birth in Marvel Comics to the MCU and beyond. Archive footage, creative animation and candid interviews combine to describe how these characters and the women behind their success have touched the hearts of fans around the world.

Composed of 4 episodes, “each one reveals the history and untold anecdotes of the most iconic women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The women behind The Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch share their triumphs and join all the fans, whose lives have been turned upside down by the stories of their heroines”, according to its synopsis.

“Power M” is the Marvel production that every female fan of this universe should see on Disney+. (Marvel)
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The M Power episodes

For now Power M It is divided into 4 chapters entitled “The Women of Black Panther”, “The Scarlet Witch”, “Captain Marvel” and “Gamora”. The first takes you inside the minds of those who bring Wakanda’s favorite heroines to life. The second states that the story of the character played by Elizabeth Olsen is unique, and shows her voice and her strength.

Then the Captain Marvel episode continues with Brie Larson’s interview, showing that her character became the inspiration for many to accept themselves. And finally there is Zoë Saldaña, known for playing Gamora, who refers to the guardians in their powerful evolution from misfits to heroines.

Zoë Saldaña is the executive producer of “Poder M.” (Marvel)
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Power M is a tribute to the representation and empowerment of women. We are excited to have the participation of a diverse group of women whose voices and stories will serve as a source of inspiration. Our hope is that this series ignites meaningful conversations and drive real change towards a more equal and inclusive world,” Saldaña said in a statement.

Likewise, in the official trailer, he is seen saying that the world is recognizing that these stories should be told by women. On the other hand, Angela Bassett also joins this, expressing: “We have never seen a world like this, populated with so many different faces and colors, and it is something beautiful to see,” she asserts.

Official poster of “Power M” in its original language. (Marvel)
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With reference to this March 8, International Women’s Day, Power M It is one of the most recommended UCM productions to watch on Disney+.

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