This is the new TikTok filter that ages celebrities with the help of artificial intelligence.

The social network has been flooded with videos of this viral face-aging remedy that Rosalia, Ebay or Kylie Jenner have already tried.

Artificial intelligence also invaded tik tak, a social network where any type of content can go viral in no time. An explosive combo and more, if the equation is to see what your face will look like in 60 years, fully agedand with absolute realism.

This is a feature of TikTok’s latest virus filter that has flooded the platform with thousands of videos from users who want to see what their face will be like when the years go by.

The filter is called “aged” And this isn’t the first time it’s gone viral on this social network. Users hallucinate its effect when they see something magical in it, which even scares them. And no less, because It makes it possible to see oneself artificially aged, with an aged face, but with the preservation of a sufficient number of own details that support identity.

There are other filters, for example “Bold Glamor”, which adorn you, completely changing the features and shape of the face. However, “Aged” maintains a very strict fidelity to reality, pronounced wrinkles, sagging skin, gray hair and dark circles without exaggerationso that it seems that a person will have a real image in a few decades.

celebrity success

The virality of the filter was so great that celebrities such as Rosalia, Ibay Llanos or Kylie Jenner they have already tried it with millions of views on TikTok.

According to the company, more 13 million videos with this filter, the figure continues to grow without brakes.

The “Aged” effect is in the “Trends” group in the filter settings. To give it a try, you just have to select it and record content to upload it to TikTok.


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