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Waterproofing our home is one of the most important steps to take to protect the place that gives us the best sense of comfort. And if we do not perform this necessary process, our home can be affected by humidity and the formation of saltpeter or mold, those unwanted guests that spoil our furniture and ultimately give an unpleasant appearance to the facade of our house, not to mention that this process also damage building structures.

It is for this reason that it is important to apply waterproofing on the walls and ceilings of our houses in time to stop the passage of water, since the main function of this material is to cover the porosity of the materials with which the house is built. the house was built to prevent water filtration, which is responsible for the appearance of moisture, which also promotes the growth of bacteria. Excess moisture can cause mold, which is extremely dangerous for health, as it can cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks in sensitive people, in addition to fungal reactions or irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs.

And since the rainy season has already begun, people begin to realize that their houses are leaking, and then they begin the process of waterproofing. And if you’re one of them, you might want to consider what kind of waterproofing to buy to best protect your home. And that is why today we present you the worst grades of this material, according to a study carried out by PROFECO.


As is the case with many other products, this division conducted a quality study that analyzed ten brands of this product, subjected them to testing to determine their performance, quality and durability, among other tests such as:

  • Go or product thickness, it must be suitable for brush, roller or bristle brush application and leave the surface completely covered.
  • Permeability: here the water resistance of the already applied and dry product is determined.
  • Water absorption: according to PROFECO, the water absorption rate should not exceed 20%, in accordance with the provisions of the standard.
  • Flexibility at low temperatures: this test determines whether the specified condition contributes to tears, cracks or delamination of the layers in the waterproofing film.
  • tensile strength: it must have sufficient tensile strength when walking on the waterproof part.
  • Accelerated weathering: here it was tested outdoors in an accelerated mode to determine the possible damage it could take after exposure to adverse conditions.

Which waterproofing materials PROFECO does not recommend?

Finally, PROFECO identified which brands do not have good quality, performance and durability without passing several tests classified as LOW RESULTS and these were:

  1. Arva 10 years fibrous red / Mexico / 10 A
  2. THERMOTEK MAX 10 years red / Mexico / 10 A
  3. Rush UMBRELLA / Mexico / 10 A

Based on this information, we hope that you can choose the best product for your home and not suffer from leaks at home.

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