This is what happens when Kim Kardashian goes shopping

Although we know that celebrities are used to receiving attention at all times, something happened a few days ago that exceeds all expectations. It turns out that, taking advantage of his days in Milan, Kim Kardashian went to visit the store of her great friends Dolce & Gabbana and was very surprised when she did. The socialite, who traveled to the Italian city within the framework of Fashion Week, met hundreds of fans crowded in front of the premises; all euphoric and shouting his name. Seeing herself in this situation, the businesswoman had no choice but to go out and say hello from a balcony. Some photographers were able to capture the moment when the member of the Kardashian clan came out and saw what was happening with a surprised face. Seeing her followers, the famous one, she gave them her smile, several minutes of greetings and she even threw a few kisses. “Hello Milan!” She exclaimed, causing excitement and screams from all present.

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The celebrity looked stunning in her beige buckled outfit designed by Dolce & Gabbana. It should be noted that the cameras accompanied her everywhere during her visit to the store, so it seems that Kim was filming the new season of the reality show that she has with her sisters, The Kardashians, which is broadcast on Disney +. In fact, the entire filming team went there, as well as his trusted team, such as his stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist, as reviewed by Hello! in his web page. “A normal day of shopping,” she joked after hearing the crowd outside shouting her name and being followed by flashing lights. The commotion was such that Kim began to record what she was experiencing with her mobile. “This is crazy, I’m shocked. Look at all these people!” she stated as she shared the images of her with her more than 300 million Instagram followers.

Kim Kardashian outfit in Milan

Once again, the businesswoman left everyone speechless and showed that she is an inspiration in fashion. Through the aforementioned social network, Kim showed that she remained faithful to her style with a monochrome beige look made up of a top, a skirt, and high boots. The D&G outfit allowed her to confirm that neutral tones are capable of remaining timeless and that they are ideal for imposing new trends, as was the case with the miniskirt made up of nine belts that allowed her to highlight each of her curves in the best possible way. in addition to framing “a very small waist” as described by El Heraldo de México.

The top allowed her to show off her toned abdomen, thanks to a design in which the same style of the belts is recovered from the chest and up to a high neck. In the same way, the garment stands out for its pair of long sleeves that add that chic style to the image and at the same time a youthful one due to the buckles and closures on the cuffs.

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