This is what Jennifer Lopez bought with her first million dollars

Movies like Marry Me (2021), Wall Street Hustlers (2019) and Selena (1997) have allowed Jennifer Lopez to not only establish herself as a superstar, but also helped her amass an incredible fortune.

The celebrity, who is now the wife of Ben Affleck, she has always worked hard and thanks to that she can lead a life surrounded by luxuries. Even the recent film An Explosive Wedding (2022) has been considered a success on streaming platforms and that increased López’s fortune.

Jennifer Lopez maintains her high-profile celebrity status. She even performed at the 2020 Super Bowl.

Recently, the 53-year-old American revealed what her first million dollars bought, which she earned in the early years of her career.

Thanks to the movie Selena, JLo earned his first million dollars, according to the Insider portal. In this film, the singer and actress put herself in the shoes of Selena Quintanilla. Even thanks to this film he got his first nomination for the Golden Globes.

JLo rose to fame thanks to her role as Selena Quintanilla in the 1997 biopic.

With her first million dollars, she bought herself clothes and shoes, but what she remembers most carefully is that He helped his parents have a car. “I bought a car for my mom and dad, I didn’t buy a house or anything like that yet,” Lopez revealed.

The movie Selena was undoubtedly the project that changed Lopez’s life. Before filming this movie, she was not known in the film industry and it was even a great challenge for the interpreter, since she had to learn to speak Spanish to play Quintanilla.

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