This is what Sydney Sweeney would look like as Spider-Woman

Sydney Sweeney will play Julia Carpenter, a different version of the original Spider-Woman. (Getty Images)

Sydney Sweeneyfamous actress known for her role as Cassie in ‘euphoria’, in recent years, stands out for its talent, beauty and charisma. For this reason, both Marvel How Sony They signed her to one of the most anticipated film projects in the coming years: “Madame Web”in which it was confirmed that he would play ‘Spider Woman’.

In August of that year, the 25-year-old actress herself confirmed that she would take on the role. Julia Carpenterknown in comics as Spider Woman. So the star of the “White Lotus” will share the stage with Dakota Johnsonwho will play the main role “Madame Web”.

Sydney Sweeney confirmed to play Spider-Woman in Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney is one of the most famous young actresses of our time. (Instagram sydney_sweeney)

In an interview with Variety, Sidney Sweeney said that after learning about the role, he quickly went to the comic book store and purchased all volumes related to his character. “I was going crazy”he remembered.

As for what fans can expect from her role as Spider-Woman, He mentioned that it would be “not like that” as usual in superhero films..

The Carpenter character was the second “Spider-Woman” in the comics; also became “Arachne”, and later took over the legacy of “Madame Web”., as detailed on the Marvel Comics portal. It is not yet known if this evolution will be depicted in the film.

This is what fans think Sydney Sweeney would look like

As for how fans see Sydney Sweeney in this role: The excitement of the announcement was reflected in the design and visuals shared on social media.especially in instagram. One of the most notable designs was created by user @venomhology, which shows the character in a black and white outfit instead of the red one many would have expected.

Sydney Sweeney Spider-Woman (2)

Since production started at that time, looked at the characterization of Julia Carpenteralthough no details about his costume design and the direction the story will take on the big screen have been released yet.

Sydney Sweeney on the set of Spider-Woman
First look at Sydney Sweeney as Spider Woman. (Twitter)

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