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The role that Sydney Sweeney, known for her outstanding performance in the TV series Euphoria, has been confirmed to play in the upcoming Sony Pictures movie Madame Web.

This strip is part of the Spider-Man universe and will be adapting characters from Marvel comics.

According to Variety, Sidney Sweeney will play Julia Carpenter, a character notable for being the second to take on the role of Madame Web and also become Spider-Woman in the comics.

This news shocked fans, as it was previously believed that the role of Julia Carpenter will play Dakota Johnson.

The actress revealed that as soon as she found out about her role, she headed to a comic book store andHe bought several Julia Carpenter comics to get closer to his new character.

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Directing and cast of the film “Madame Web”

Direction “Madame Web” will supervise S. J. ClarksonKnown for her work on the hit TV series Jessica Jones.

Although the film script was written by the duo Matt Sazama and Burke Shapelesswho are also involved in the unsuccessful film “Morby”. This has given Spider-Man fans something to talk about as they don’t want the movie to fail like Jared Leto’s story did.

The tape has a release date in theaters – February 14, 2024 (if the strike of writers and actors SAG-AFTRA does not take unexpected turns).

Who is Madame Web?

FilmAffinity defines this character as follows:

“In the comics, Madame Web is depicted as an elderly woman with myasthenia gravis and therefore was connected to a web-like life support system. Due to her age and state of health, Madame Web has never actively fought villains. With her psychic powers, she’s basically Sony’s version of Doctor Strange.”

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