This will be the final season according to its creators


The head writers of Stranger Things have revealed a sneak peek at the show’s final season. What did they say?

Stranger Things 5: this will be the final season according to its creators.
©NetflixStranger Things 5: this will be the final season according to its creators.

One of the most anticipated contents by subscribers of the streaming service Netflix It is the fifth and final season of stranger things. The series created by the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer It has established itself among the platform’s flagship series and maintains a large fan base around the world. In the last few minutes, a first preview of what the final episodes will be like has arrived.

After a break from the release of the fourth installment, the production began with the writing of the scripts in September of last year, where it was confirmed that the last season will only have 8 episodes. It has also been revealed that the first chapter will be titled “The Crawl”which began to trigger some theories among the fandom.

+What will season 5 of Stranger Things be like

One of the most anticipated novelties by fans, in addition to a release date, is knowing what the final episodes will be about. At the moment nothing has been commented about the plot of the culmination of the program, but from the official account of the writers of stranger things they confessed: “Season 5 is like Season 1 and Season 4 had a baby. And then that baby was injected with steroids”.

The creators of Stranger Things brought forward the final season. (Netflix)

In this way, the creators do nothing more than increase the enthusiasm of their audience for the latest season. At the time, ross duffer talked with The Wrap and advanced: “We have an outline for Season 5 and we pitched it to Netflix and they really responded well. I mean, it was tough. It’s the end of the story.”.

According to what was communicated by David Harbour, who plays officer Jim Hopper, filming would begin in the coming months and it is expected that the last season of stranger things premieres in Netflix in mid-2024. As for its protagonists, Millie Bobby Brown assured a few days ago that she is ready to say goodbye to Eleven. Can the fans too?

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