This will earn Zendaya for each episode of the third season of ‘Euphoria’

zendaya has shown that she is one of the most valued actresses of recent times, as she will win $1 million dollars for each episode recorded for the series ‘Euphoria’.

The 26-year-old actress will be the highest paid in the third season of this series where she plays Rue Bennett, a drug-addicted student. Zendaya has been praised for her performance and in 2019 she won an Emmy for the same.

By earning this amount Zendaya becomes one of the highest paid actresses next to Harrison Ford, Ted Lasso, Chris Pratt and Helen Mirren.

A few months ago, the actress sydney sweeneywho also participates in ‘Euphoria’, shared that the salary he receives from the series is very low and that everything goes to payments to his agents, publicists and lawyers.

“Established stars still get paid, but I have to give my lawyer five percent, my agents 10 percent, my business manager three percent or something like that,” he said. “I have to pay my publicist every month, and that’s more than my mortgage,” she added.

So far Zendaya has not commented on the matter.


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