Tik Tok says that these will be the viral trends of spring 2023

Tricks to make our hair look fantastic overnight. Tips for putting on makeup after 40. The list of the best celebrity salsaes. Videos that compile the best scenes of your favorite characters and series. Activists who inspire us to follow in their footsteps. That in TikTok there is everything (and it is everything) is a fact that we know very well. TikTok is beauty, politics, culture, health; TikTok is as universal as it is niche. But above all things, TikTok is fashion. From methods that have helped us improve our style and make use of our entire wardrobe to micro-trends, thanks to this apps we have found everything we need and everything we don’t need but now we can’t live without. But especially, TikTok has been in charge of creating viral trends and garments that define a space in time.

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I passed with the hyper tight Kendall Jenner dress, with the mini version of the nude Marilyn Monroe dress that we found in Bershka and with the whimsigoth that made us remember how much we love the witches of the 90s. And with spring 2023 ahead, the tiktokers They have spoken and they have made it clear to us which are the trends that we will wear the most this season.

The viral Tik Tok trends of spring 2023 here:

1. Long and midi denim skirts →

There will be Tik Tok girls who, no matter how much time they spend on the video app, will never fall for denim maxi skirts. But, friends, the whole world has fallen in love and it’s easy to understand the crush: they are the most casual version of the most elegant pencil skirt in the closet and it works for everything.

2. 90s minimalism →

Come on, from TikTok we learned the term “silent luxury”, whose base is located in the great style icons of the last decade of the nineties. The thing is simple, dressing well this spring will be inspired by Carolyn Bassete-Kennedy and Jennifer Aniston.

3. Long (very long) and transparent dresses →

A little suggestive and sensual, with a lot of vibes, or what is the same, a way of creating a style full of surprise and personality. Come on, when it comes to these dresses it is not difficult to understand why they have become the favorites of the most stylish girls.

4. mermaid core

Perhaps it is the desire to see the new version of The Little Mermaid that is about to be released, but the girls on the Tik Tok fashion side are clear, this spring fluid, mesh, rustic and satin fabrics will be the favorites. Above all, if they are dyed in all the blue and green tones that the ocean can have. Extra points if you wear starfish earrings (like Aquamarine’s) or shell earrings.

5. Cinderella pants →

Autumn 2022 was very clear to me, silver pants would be a trend. Because of their brightness, because of how different they are, but above all -and although it seems impossible- they are easy to combine and find in our favorite firms.


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