TIKTOK TRICKS | Rice water: does this TikTok trick for hair really work?

Taking care of a mane is not as easy as it seems. Without neglecting us for a moment, the split endswe discover that we have the damaged hair… you need to be very attentive to give him all the love he needs. Luckily, if the pandemic has left any remnants in the digital society, it is the custom to share all kinds of tricks and knowledge to maximize ‘do it yourself’.

In recent times it has been common for followers of the TikTok social network to find a specific recommendation. This is advice that usually comes from users with real ‘great hair’. They explain that thanks to this beauty secret, their hair is cleaner and shinier, that it grows faster and is stronger. The trick is rice water.

What is the rice water trick?

What you have to do is wash your hair in the usual waywith the usual shampoo, and, after rinsing it, put it in a bowl or a bowl containing water in which the rice has been submerged or, if possible, where the cereal has been cooked. Once you get to this point, there are two streams: una advises rinsing hair right after, while the other suggests leave it in the water for a few minutesas if it were a mask.

This ‘tip’ of beauty has a long time (centuries, even), since its origin is Chinese. However, for it to catch on today, it helps that it’s a routine frequently used by figures like kim kardashiansomething that they have told from the Poosh platform, created by his sister Kourtney.

Where does it come from?

Indeed, the use of rice water for hair was traditionally used in China and is still common today in Huangluo, a town where women do not cut their hair again after they turn 18. Also in Japan, specifically in the medieval Heian periodthis technique was used, probably due to Chinese influence.

Undoubtedly, the prolonged use over time of rice water guarantees that, at a minimum, these asian women were convinced that it gave good results. The fact is that this beauty routine has scientific points in its favor that are undeniable. First of all, the pH of this water is similar to that of human skin, so not only will it never cause irritation, but it is effective in calming sensitive scalps.

Rice water is rich in antioxidants, which is beneficial for hair health, and has components such as vitamins B and E, amino acids and trace elements that help hydrate the hair, as well as the scalp itself. It also generates volume and gives shine to the hair.

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