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If you have brown hair, surely you have ever envied how flattering a blonde mane is. However, dyeing yourself blonde would force you to visit the hairdresser very often and, being a much lighter tone than yours, you could spoil your hair. So, what options do you have to show off those enviable blonde tones? Without a doubt, wicks are the best choice If you want to illuminate a brown hair, give it the movement it lacks and enjoy the rejuvenating effect of blonde highlights.

Luckily for chestnuts, wicks have evolved a lot in recent years and have ended up triumphing Techniques that lighten your hair without the hateful root effect and preventing you from having to go to the hairdresser for touch-ups every month. Surely balayage highlights, babylights highlights, California highlights, face framing… They all have in common that they maintain the dark tone at the roots and lighten your hair from mid-lengths to ends to obtain a very natural result that feels great. We will tell you more about these techniques to choose the blonde highlights for brown hair that best suit you.

2023 trends of blonde highlights for brown hair

The trend highlights that will continue to succeed this season are those that bet on natural finishes that progressively lighten the chestnut color while keeping the root darker. You can achieve this effect with different types of highlights that will be the most in demand in hairdressing salons.

  • blonde balayage highlights. These highlights are applied with a sweep of color that lightens the chestnut hair with a very subtle gradient that keeps the roots darker and leaves the tones lighter for the mid-lengths and ends. It is the best option if you are looking for a natural result and very easy maintenance, with few visits to the hairdresser to touch up.
  • Blonde babylight highlights. These wicks are made in very fine locks and seek create points of light in your hair, especially near the face and at the ends. The idea is to get those flattering golden reflections that the summer sun left on our brown hair. The result is super natural and requires little maintenance.
  • Blonde highlights. This technique is a combination of babylight and balayage. Close to the roots, fine blonde flashes are created and from the mid-lengths to the ends, a greater number of thicker wicks are created. The hair looks blonde but with a natural result since the roots are kept a little darker.
  • Face framing highlights. These highlights are made close to the face to provide light and soften the features. They are very flattering and need few touch-ups.
  • Curlyage. They are the balayage but for curly hair. with them you will achieve Give your curly hair more movement, keeping the root darker and clarifying from means to ends. Always adapting to the shape of your curls.

Blonde highlights on dark brown hair

The darker the base color of your hair, the more artificial it may be to go for blonde hair. If you don’t get the technique and tone right, the change may be too radical and you will need a lot of maintenance and visits to the hairdresser. If you want to lighten your dark brown with the most natural result possible, choose honey or caramel tones which are the ones that best integrate with your color. Another option for dark brown hair is ash blonde.especially if you want to hide your first gray hair and give your hair more light.

Blonde highlights on medium-length brown hair

The haircut will also influence the choice of the most suitable blonde highlights for you. Some highlights, such as balayage, which have a color gradient from the mid-lengths to the ends, can do so more gradually on XL hair. However, a medium length can also look spectacular with some balayage highlights, some babylight highlights and even some Californian ones. Check it out in the following gallery, full of examples of how to wear blonde highlights on brown hair They will surely inspire you.

Blonde highlights on brown hair: ideas to inspire you

Blonde highlights on brown hair: balayage

Balayage highlights allow you to lighten your hair with blonde highlights, lighter at the ends, which blend with the chestnut color in the most natural way. The mane gains movement and shine without contrasting with the dark roots.

Blonde highlights on brown hair: ash blonde balayage

The ash blonde is a perfect tone to lighten a chestnut hair and, at the same time, hide the first gray hair. In this case, the lightest blonde has been reserved for the tips and contours of the face, to give light to the face.

Blonde highlights on brown hair: babylight

If you like give highlights to your hair With finer dyed strands distributed throughout the hair, babylights are your best option. The blonde highlights blend with the brown hair color for a super natural result.

Blonde highlights in brown hair: Californian

These wicks do not seek a gradual transition from the dark shade of the roots to the lighter ends: they want clearly mark the contrast between the natural brown of the hair and the blonde highlights, that are only done from the media to the ends.

Blonde highlights on brown hair: face framing

Among the highlights that are trending for how good they feel and how easy they are to maintain, there are the face framing. These highlights are made close to the face to bring light to the face and soften the features. They are perfect for chestnuts and very flattering.

Blonde highlights on brown hair: highlights

The combination of thinner blonde wicks near the roots and thicker ones and in greater quantity from the mid-lengths to the ends are called highlights wicks. With them you will have spectacular blonde hair keeping the root dark and avoiding visits to the hairdresser every month.

Blonde highlights on brown hair: caramel

If you want to lighten your brown hair without risking too much, the caramel tone will be a success. Apply it with the balayage technique and insist with a few highlights near the face, very flattering. Tones like caramel will bring warmth to your hair and will lighten your chestnut color several shades.

Blonde highlights on brown hair: honey

The combination of honey and caramel tones is of those that best suit a chestnut mane. For this reason, they are one of the most demanded in hairdressers among those who want to lighten their brown hair. Applied with balayage highlights, these shades are irresistible.

Blonde highlights on brown hair: curlyage

If you want to give your brown curly hair more life and movement, try blonde curlyage highlights. They are the balayage version for curly hair that adapt to your loops to add highlights where you need them most.

Blonde highlights in brown hair: medium length

In shorter hair, such as medium length, also You can wear balayage or babylight blonde highlights with very natural results. Jennifer López proves it with this wavy medium length hair with blonde highlights that enhance her beauty and are perfect for lightening brown hair like hers.

Blonde highlights for brown hair: short hair

To make your short hair shine and give it density and movement, nothing better than some blonde highlights. The best is that lighten your brown color a couple of tonesso as not to create too much contrast with the root, and insist with some highlights near the face to illuminate your face.

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