Titi García-Huidobro responds to criticism from Pamela Leiva for commenting on the “Kiwi” kiss – RADIO MARAY

“He did not understand where my comment was going either,” said the actress.

The kiss that the then TVN reporter, “Kiwi”gave Pamela Leiva without consent, continues to give people something to talk about and now the actress Titi García-Huidobro came out to clarify her own opinion on the subject.

It all started after the dismissal of Arturo Walden, when Garcia-Huidobro He mentioned that he did not believe there was “bad intent” in the act: «Not that I would have done, I don’t know, I would have grabbed a breast… We all know what the Kiwi is like».

The comment in question was not well received by the same comedian, who reported that he greeted her at the festival. “It kind of hit me, because I say, That is the message he is giving to the children: ‘If your breast doesn’t grab you, don’t color it.’ That seems serious to me,” he said on the Zona de Estrellas program.

After the criticism of the ex-participant of reality 1810, the presenter rectified that her statements referred to “to the decision of the TVN executives to remove him from Good morning to all” and added “I absolutely condemn any act in which another person is abused, in any way.”

“It has nothing to do with involving my children. I mean, yes, I was with my children at the Festival, but my opinion, I reiterate, It was that I found the dismissal decision a bit drastic… Pamela did not understand where my comment was going either ».

In any case, he agreed on the nonsense of the fired notero: «But, it was clearly the Kiwi’s mistake, because obviously no one can steal a kiss from anyone, nor do something that the other person does not agree with.

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