Tom Brady becomes a minority owner of Birmingham City

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Tom Brady Addresses Birmingham City Fans

The former NFL player became a minority owner of a club from the second division of English football.

NFL legend Tom Brady has become a minority owner of Birmingham City, a club in the second division of the English football championship.

The quarterback, a seven-time Super Bowl champion, has partnered with Birmingham owners Knighthead Capital Management LLC and will become chairman of the club’s advisory board.

There, Brady, according to a statement from Birmingham, “will apply his extensive experience and leadership knowledge across the club’s various components, including working alongside the sports science department to advise on health, nutrition, wellness and recovery systems and programs.”

Tom Brady becomes a minority owner of Birmingham

Brady retired from the NFL in February 2023, after 23 seasons in a game that saw him win seven Super Bowls and five MVPs, establishing himself as one of the greatest quarterbacks in history.

The announcement said Brady became the second recently retired NFL star to show interest in English football in the past three months, after JJ Watt became a minority investor in Premier League club Burnley on May 1.

By his own admission, Brady has a lot to learn about English football but wants to share his experience with the club.

“So here’s the deal: I’m officially joining Birmingham City Football Club,” Brady said. “And you might be wondering what I know about English football, Tom. Well, let’s just say I have a lot to learn. But I know a thing or two about winning and I think they translate pretty well.”

“I know that success starts with work done when the world is not looking. I know that a team is nothing without the city that supports it.

“Most importantly, I know that I enjoy being the dark horse. Birmingham’s road has been a long one, but these fans never stopped believing.”

“See you soon in St. Andrews. It’s time to get down to business.”

Brady will also work with the club on global marketing efforts and identify new business opportunities.

As the takeover was completed on 8 May, the new owners appointed former Manchester City boss Harry Cooke as their new managing director and appointed former England manager Hope Powell as women’s manager. Brady is the latest addition.

Tom Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Birmingham, said: “The addition of Tom Brady to the Birmingham City team is a statement of intent. We set the bar worldwide. Tom’s reign will have a direct impact on the club.

“Men’s, women’s and academy teams will benefit from this knowledge. Tom’s goal is to make Birmingham City a respected leader in nutrition, health, wellness and recovery throughout the footballing world.”

Brady added: “Birmingham City are an iconic club with so much history and passion and being part of the Blues is a real honor for me. BCFC is built on teamwork and determination and I am delighted to work alongside the board, management and players to make our second city club unbeatable.

“I’ve been part of some incredible teams in my time and I’m looking forward to applying my vision to achieve the same success here in Birmingham.”

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