Tom Brady’s son wants to be not like his father, but like Gronkowski

Ben Bradyone of the sons Tom Bradywho was barely 13 years old, surprised his father by announcing that he would play American football, but he made it very clear that he did not want to follow in his footsteps, but in the footsteps of Rob Gronkowski.


He was a living legend NFL who with a laugh was responsible for telling a curious anecdote in a podcast”let’s go to“.

“He wants to be difficult end How Gronk, and it will be an animal. He is an amazing kid and has a lot of talents. He is a truly talented musician and artist. This year he told me: “Dad, I’m going to play football.” And I asked him, “What do you want to play?” And he replied: “A hard end.” I want to be like Gronk!” said the seven-time gold medalist. Super Bowl.

Subsequently brady He admitted that he immediately informed his friend about it.

“I sent a text message to Gronk and I said, “Hey, my son wants to be like you!” And he liked it. My son is going to play football this year, so I threw the ball to him in the backyard, ”said former defender.

WITH New England Patriots And Tampa Bay BuccaneersBrady and Gronkowski are an explosive pair capable of causing serious headaches to their opponents. But beyond that, they developed a close friendship.

A year ago, brady showed that his other son, Jack16 years old, played football on his school team and that his position was the position free securityAlthough he could also play as a defender, however, he clarified that he is not interested in how good he is, but that he enjoys this sport with his friends.

next season NFLwhich is about to kick off, will be the first in over two decades not to feature the legendary former player considered by many to be the best in history.


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